Realistic Games Releases Super Graphics Lucky Cats Online Slot

Realistic Games Releases Super Graphics Lucky Cats Online Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

The name Super Graphics Lucky Cats might not sound typical, but it’s the third game in the Super Graphics line of slots by Realistic Games. This title is inspired by Japanese anime, and it features a lot of themes and motifs from a visual standpoint that one would associate with the style of animation. On top of that, it has some value-packed features and action-oriented gameplay that pretty much any players could get behind.

Get Lucky With Super Graphics Lucky Cats

The culture surrounding anime is all about big, flashy and sometimes goofy characters, graphics and themes. Boldness is more important than necessarily being completely coherent, so it’s easy to see how a ton of energy is found in games based on these motifs.

The Super Graphics Lucky Cats video slot by Realistic Games features all of the action you would expect from an anime-inspired game while still providing enough grounding for more traditional players with its format and feature set.

All kinds of different people from different cultures enjoy online slots, so it makes a lot of sense to have a wide portfolio of games with different motifs and themes, which is exactly where this title comes in for Realistic Games.

What to Expect With This Game

There are a few key thematic elements that are found in this five-reel video slot from a visual standpoint. First off, there are a number of different anime-inspired characters on the game board with a lucky cat always found beside of the reels, as the name of the game implies. Other things to look for in this slot include the following:

  • A free spins bonus round is available that adds a lot of value with some of the best opportunities to run up big wins in the entire game.
  • A common video slot format that players can feel familiar with even if they are not familiar with the themes involved in anime.
  • Scattered multiplier wins based on the Super Graphics Lucky Cat logo symbols.
  • A balanced pay table that offers wins at the small, medium and high levels of payouts.

The gameplay is pretty balanced as well with a fair amount of value coming from both the features and the gameplay, and the action is fast-paced enough that you’ll get a pretty reasonable hit-rate as well.

Will This Game Be a Good Fit for You?

We already know that when a whole lot of players see this title, they’re going to write it off as being a little too far “out there” for them, but we think that’s a short-sighted viewpoint. While it’s true that there are tons of online slots out there with some sites having thousands of games to choose from, Realistic Games really knows what they’re doing when it comes to producing slots like this one, and there’s a reason why they have a whole series with this being the third in the set.

Gameplay, visual appeal and features are the three most important part of what any online slot has to offer, and you get all three in a major way with the Super Graphics Lucky Cats slot. The name is a little different than what you might expect, but once you get into the gameplay itself, you’ll quickly find that it has more to offer than what immediately meets the eye.

This hidden level of gameplay interest is one of the biggest reasons why we think more players should give this new title a shot.

Realistic Games Bringing New Releases

There’s no denying that Realistic Games has seen a ton of success with their Super Graphics line of slots and with their other frequent releases. They come out with several new games each year, and the popularity of their portfolio keeps increasing as a result. They’re a great example of a company that focuses on doing one thing really well instead of trying to branch out too much, which can often lead to getting overextended.