Red Rake Gaming Gives The Online Roulette Wheel A New Lease Of Life

Red Rake Gaming Gives The Online Roulette Wheel A New Lease Of Life ( Click to Enlarge )

There’s nothing quite like the spin of the roulette wheel. The surge of adrenaline and euphoria that roulette gives you when your number comes up is undeniable. It’s no wonder the roulette table has been a staple of casinos since the 18th Century.

With the rise of online gaming, the popularity of roulette is at an all-time high. Anyone familiar with playing this firm favourite online will know why. And now with the launch of a new roulette game from Red Rake Gaming, things are set to get a little sweeter for those who like to try their hand on the wheel of chance.

The Rush Of Roulette

One of the most appealing things about roulette is that it is pretty much over within a blink of the eye. When the wheel starts spinning, the suspense builds, the excitement mounts, and the hopes of many a player all come down to where and when that little ball is going to randomly land.

The difference between winning and losing is decided in less than a minute and the stakes can be as high or low as you want them to be. That’s the other beauty of roulette: you’re not betting against the house or other players, you’re betting on pure chance. A roulette table is a friendly place because you don’t need to beat someone else to win. Here, everyone can have a slice of the pie.

Roulette For A New Generation

Online betting has taken off in a big way and one of the reasons why is roulette. Thanks to online casinos a new generation has been introduced to the thrill of the spinning wheel. The popularity of roulette is at an all-time high because now people can play it from the comfort of their homes.

It’s easy to play and a perfect game to dip in and out of when you fancy a flutter.

Adding Another Dimension

Along with their Frenzy Discs: Twin Numbers title, Red Rake Gaming have just added a new roulette game to their portfolio but this one is in 3D.

That’s right – this game offers players eye-catching and larger than life three-dimensional graphics.

Players will be immersed in the game like never before. And that’s not all. Red Rake Gaming’s new roulette title will offer the customer a chance to test their mettle in American, French, European, and VIP modes. Now that’s a lot of bang for your buck and it’s definitely got us in something of a spin.