Red Rake Gaming Releases Two Roulette-centric Titles

Red Rake Gaming Releases Two Roulette-centric Titles ( Click to Enlarge )

Two new games have been released by Red Rake Gaming, but they aren’t online slots this time. This dual release comes by way of a new Roulette VIP game along with a title called Frenzy Discs: Twin Numbers, which has a roulette-like appearance. These releases help to shore up their table games offering and give players more way to get in on the action.

Double Table Game Release

Red Rake Gaming is known primarily for their online slot releases. In fact, they have some of the best-looking slots that you can find in the industry because their titles are crafted with a high level of quality every single time.

However, their most recent releases are table games, and they’re both in the roulette or roulette-like category.

What they’d done here is put together aspects of the games in a way that will bring players to try something new, but some people might think they’ve went a little too far outside of the box with one of these releases.

In either case, players are definitely talking about what they have shown this time around, and it opens the door for other similar types of releases that are equally outside of the box in the future.

Roulette VIP

The first game we want to look at is Roulette VIP. It’s actually four games in one, or more than four games depending on how you want to look at. Here’s what you get a chance to play in this game:

  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • VIP Mode Roulette*

* Note: VIP mode is essentially a high roller option.

With four ways to play, and with three distinct rule sets, some players might wonder which is the highest-paying game mode. The house advantage is the lowest, on average, for French roulette, and there are no bets in the American or European styles of the game that will have a higher payout rate than the equivalent wager in the French version.

It’s also interesting that they’ve incorporated different graphics modes for this title, and we think that’s something that will generally get missed in the discussion because people seem to be really caught up on all of these game modes being in the same title.

Players are able to adjust their viewing options in a way that can turn this into a 3-D style experience, essentially creating different game modes than the ones listed above.

So not only have they put several styles of roulette in one title, which is super convenient, they’ve also added 3-D versions for each of those as well.

Frenzy Discs: Twin Numbers

This is a really interesting title that has been designed to look like roulette and to play like roulette, but it actually uses a random number generator to give the results like online slots do.

The basic idea here is that there are two discs spinning, and each has their own ball. You try to win by guessing how the balls will fall with a variety of betting options.

Some people have noted that this essentially makes it a different visual layout for what’s basically an online slot, and we don’t disagree. However, it’s so far outside of the box that it doesn’t actually feel like a slot and definitely feels more like something you’d find in the table games section.

We think it’s really interesting that Red Rake Gaming is innovating so well in this particular direction since their focus has been primarily on slots for so long.

Moving Ahead

We won’t be surprised if we see more table game and table game-like releases by the end of the year by this company. They’ve definitely shown that they’re interested in going after that particular market, and from the looks of these two releases, they definitely have some solid ideas that we think will do well in the marketplace in general.