Red Tiger Gaming Announces Over £2.5 Million in Jackpot Wins

Red Tiger Gaming Announces Over £2.5 Million in Jackpot Wins ( Click to Enlarge )

Four months into their Daily Drop Jackpot Network, Red Tiger Gaming has announced that it has broken the £2.5 million mark in terms of total payouts. A big jackpot network is something that this top-tier developer was missing for quite a while, and it has gotten a ton of players excited because of the guaranteed nature of some of the wins.

Big Jackpots Won With Red Tiger Gaming

The dream of virtually all online slot fans is to win a big jackpot, progressive or otherwise. Red Tiger Gaming decided four months ago that they needed to give players more opportunities to do just that, so they came up with the Daily Drop Jackpot Network.

The key feature of this network of jackpots is that a win is guaranteed to pay out at least once every single day.

What you’ll notice here is that they have forgone the traditional progressive jackpot approach where a prize will build up over weeks and months before being won. Instead, they’re going for an approach that’s all about giving players guaranteed chances to win more moderate prizes that are still pretty sizable on their own.

Top Win in That Time

Since April, this network of jackpots has been active, and in that time, we’ve seen daily wins. One particular payout of note came with a win worth £61,500, and that was the largest win so far in the four-month history of these prizes.

It’s important to point this out because it shows that some serious wins can be had even if the prize is being paid out every single day, and while not all daily wins will be quite this large, they will be in the same general ballpark, so to speak. That means that players get some real chances to win real prizes that hit on a very regular basis.

The Differentiation From the Rest of the Market

Imagine if Red Tiger Gaming just decided to add some progressive jackpots that paid out like the rest of them do. In that scenario, while it would be cool for players to have more ways to win big payouts, the fact of the matter is that players wouldn’t have responded to it the way they have responded to this.

The Daily Drop Jackpot Network is different enough to stand out from traditional jackpot links without being so different that it turns players away from it.

This jackpot approach doesn’t do anything too weird or abnormal. Instead, it just forces the payout to be paid daily, and that’s something that’s difficult to argue against from the perspective of the players.

In fact, they’ve seen a surge in activity on their games compared to the months before this launch and the comparable months from the previous year. It’s clear that players are digging what Red Tiger Gaming’s slots are giving them right now.

A Competitive Advantage

As you can see from the above, it’s clear that Red Tiger slots are getting an edge against the competition thanks to this jackpot link. What happens with this is that their titles are put alongside those from other providers, but players know that the Red Tiger games will pay out a guaranteed jackpot at least once a day, and that gives them an incentive to try those titles out instead.

This type of forward thinking is what has given Red Tiger Gaming so much momentum in the past few years. When you add to that the fact that their games have such solid graphics and high-level animation and visual appeal, it’s clear that they have a winning combination going.

To take that even further, the gameplay of their slots stands out as being particularly action-oriented with tons of features, instant wins and more that give players a high hit-rate while maintaining the ability to win some pretty sizable prizes.