ReelPlay Joins Relax Gaming’s Distribution Network

ReelPlay Joins Relax Gaming’s Distribution Network ( Click to Enlarge )

ReelPlay is a slot developer with a lot of high-quality titles available, and they’ll now be even easier to play with thanks to a distribution deal with Relax Gaming. This agreement will put their games in front of a ton of new players, and that type of expansion will lead to them coming out with even more top-tier titles.

Serious Expansion for ReelPlay

The loose organizational structure of the online casino software world is very interesting from a business perspective. While different software companies are in essence competing against each other, the nature of the modern era of the industry requires them to cooperate by including their games together on the same platforms to get maximum exposure.

In this way, the individual sets of offerings from specific companies become worth more than the sum of their parts.

This type of cooperation is key, and it’s at the center of a new agreement that’s been announced between ReelPlay and Relax Gaming. This deal has ReelPlay adding their titles to Relax Gaming’s software for full content distribution, and it’s this type of cooperation that will create win-win situations where everyone benefits, including the players.

Details on This New Deal

The first thing to know about this new deal is that it’s signed for multiple years, which means they both agree that this is a partnership that they want to have last. Second, you need to know that the distribution platform for Relax Gaming is pretty substantial, and they have software provision agreements with a variety of operators. This is an important piece of information since it means ReelPlay is getting a lot of exposure from this deal.

This agreement will also have the complete slot portfolio from ReelPlay distributed through Relax’s platform, which is important to note since a lot of similar deals only have a limited portion of what the company has available being distributed.

Relax Gaming has also been working to aggressively expand their offering on their software platform by making distribution deals like these with high-quality slot providers, so it’s not hard to see that this fits with their goals in that regard as well.

A Win-win Situation

The best type of scenario for an agreement like this, and really the only kind of agreement along these lines that happens anymore, is when everyone involved wins. Consider the following:

  • ReelPlay wins since they get their games in front of tons of new players.
  • Relax Gaming wins because they get more high-end games to include on their software platform.
  • The players win since they’ll have a wider availability of some really great titles.
  • The casinos win since they get more games of a higher quality and more subsequent interest from players.

When everyone wins, it’s hard to argue against a business deal like this, and it’s easy to see why the modern era of the online casino and online slot world requires this level of cooperation.

Going Forward With Both Companies

ReelPlay has been working hard to get their games in front of more new players, and this is one distribution deal that will definitely do it. However, they’re also pushing in other directions, including getting content distribution agreements with individual operators, and that’s the sort of thing that will keep paying off for however long they keep pushing it.

With ReelPlay, they’ve been around since 2014 (under the name Chance Interactive previously), and they have a lot of hot releases so far this year. That includes names like Buster Hammer Carnival, which stepped outside of the box far enough to be really interesting without going so far that it turned off players.

In the case of Relax Gaming, the situation is a little different because they are more established on the distribution side. Their platform has hundreds of top titles from big names in the software industry, and they’re continuing to add to that offering with deals like this one with ReelPlay.