Relax Gaming Makes New Development Deal With SmartSoft

Relax Gaming Makes New Development Deal With SmartSoft ( Click to Enlarge )

The latest move from Relax Gaming has them taking on a new software partner. This time, it’s with developer SmartSoft, known for their non-traditional titles like JetX. It’s a fun move that creates a lot of new opportunities for players to try something fresh and different.

SmartSoft Signs Distribution Deal With Relax Gaming

The world of online casino games can seem rather limiting at times to some players. We occasionally get complaints about the lack of innovation and variety, and it’s difficult for us to argue against sometimes. For better or worse, most of what we see are the same types of games we’ve seen for decades with slight variations. While some developers have pushed against that, especially in the live dealer space, it’s true for a lot of what’s out there.

Relax Gaming’s most recent deal with SmartSoft shows that they understand this as well. However, it also shows that they’re looking to do something about it.

SmartSoft is a company known primarily for bucking trends and coming up with something new. That’s something that’s clearly welcomed and needed in this industry. Additionally, Relax Gaming is known for trying fresh approaches as well. That makes them a great match that will ultimately benefit the players the most.

What SmartSoft Offers That Is So Special

If you aren’t familiar with SmartSoft and what they do, they’re an exciting company to learn about. That’s because they have produced some really interesting and atypical titles over the years. Additionally, since their main focus is on games that have different gameplay styles and setups than most traditional casino games, this deal with Relax Gaming is a prime opportunity to give players something that switches up their experience quite a bit.

One of their most popular titles is JetX, which is a luck-based game. However, it pays people simply for playing it as a part of the overall pay table. This is an interesting and innovative idea, but that’s not all it offers. We won’t go into the full rule set here, but it’s a good example of the type of work they do. Additionally, it shows how different they are with the games they produce. They aren’t simply creating their own versions of titles that have been around for decades. Instead, they’re really putting together something that’s fresh and atypical. That’s something the industry as a whole has desperately needed for a long time.

How Relax Gaming Benefits From This Deal

Relax Gaming has more than 4,000 titles they provide through their software platform. Most of this is through third-party deals like the one they’ve made with SmartSoft. This allows them to put out their own content as well as a variety of titles from other providers. Additionally, bringing this together all in one package is an attractive deal for operators and players alike.

However, at some point, players don’t really know the difference between 4,000 games and 5,000 games. Instead, it becomes more about expanding by offering something different than the competition. That’s where this agreement with SmartSoft comes into play.

The idea here is simple but powerful. They want to expand their horizons a bit and start offering something that other providers don’t have. Additionally, they want to put SmartSoft in a place where their games can reach more players than ever before. This gives them space to create more titles in the future where players can enjoy them and see what their popularity levels will look like.

Whenever you put something new out there, you always have a variety of risks. In particular, you have the risk that players won’t take to the games. However, that’s clearly a risk that needs to be taken if you want to innovate in any industry. Relax Gaming knows that as well as anyone, and it appears this is why they are so willing to bet on SmartSoft the way they have with this deal.