Relax Gaming Makes New Distribution Deal With Jade Rabbit Studio

Relax Gaming Makes New Distribution Deal With Jade Rabbit Studio ( Click to Enlarge )

Having been on quite a roll lately, Relax Gaming has signed yet another promising developer to a distribution deal. This time, it comes via Jade Rabbit Studio, a company known for producing high-quality slots and other types of content.

Jade Rabbit Studio Links Up With Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming is one of the software providers in the industry that has taken advantage of changing conditions the most. Once focusing exclusively on producing games themselves, this developer made a pivot to adjust to changing conditions in the online casino world. As a result, they now focus on their aggregation platform that provides operators with lots of high-end games.

The newest addition to their lineup comes from a company called Jade Rabbit Studio.

If you haven’t heard of Jade Rabbit Studio before, don’t let that discourage you. They have produced games in a variety of markets that have been met with wide acclaim. However, what’s also an interesting part of this story is how aggressive Relax Gaming has been with one particular strategy. This strategy has been all about offering something that other aggregators cannot. Let’s dive into what this deal means now and what it will mean for the future.

The Reputation of Jade Rabbit Studio

We want to start off by being really clear with something. Jade Rabbit Studio is a beast of a game developer. This is a company that already has games in a variety of regulated markets. That list includes quite a bit of Latin America, the United States, India, Spain and other locations. However, they’ve also had games seen in certain markets in northern European jurisdictions. Our point is that they’ve been around the block a few times, so to speak. This isn’t some random development house that has no history and isn’t proven at all.

With that said, this deal is a pretty important piece of business for them. That’s because it gives them access to the operators serviced by Relax Gaming’s aggregation software. Additionally, this includes some really big names. As such, it’s giving them an opportunity to get their games in front of tons of new players.

The Strategy of Relax Gaming

Each and every software aggregator out there in the industry is trying to do two things. First, they want to sign a bunch of great game developers. Second, they need to have their foot in the door with operators in a variety of areas and jurisdictions. Business strategy seems to revolve around these two aspects of the situation the majority of the time.

However, there’s more to it than that for Relax Gaming. They appear to have recognize that they need to have games that other providers do not. This would give them something different to offer players to differentiate them. Additionally, it creates a situation where they have a competitive advantage from the perspective of the operators.

With signing Jade Rabbit Studio, we see the continuation of this type of strategy. While Jade Rabbit clearly has the qualifications to produce some top-tier content, that’s not the whole point. Another element of the situation is that they aren’t as well-known as certain other developers. This means their games aren’t all over the industry to the point that players simply take them for granted. In other words, this type of deal facilitates the differentiation strategy that we noted above.

What Comes Next for Both Companies

It’s pretty clear that Jade Rabbit Studio is in a great position here. They will have the opportunity to prove themselves on a larger stage than ever before. Additionally, it allows them to build popularity that could roll into other content distribution opportunities in the future.

However, the situation with Relax Gaming is perhaps even more interesting. That’s at least the case from a business standpoint. They have successfully managed to get a lot of momentum going with these signings heading into the fourth quarter of 2022. Now we’ll have to see what they do with it.