SafetyPay is a global online payment option used by many casinos, that enables people to make real-time transactions securely and reliably. Supported by many banks in Latin America, the US, Canada and Europe, this payment option is popular in the online gaming space. Here we list the best SafetyPay casinos in June 2024.

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Casinos with SafetyPay
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
Royal Panda Casino 88% Royal Panda Casino Review Country Flag
William Hill Casino 80% William Hill Casino Review Country Flag
Kudos Casino 58% Kudos Casino Review Country Flag
SlottoJAM 75% SlottoJAM Review Country Flag


SafetyPay was established in 2007 and, ever since, it has been offering exceptional services to a broad global audience. Its headquarters are based in Miami Florida, and they boast 100+ authorised banks across the world, with offices in Latin America, the United States, Canada, and Europe. The primary objective of SafetyPay is to provide casino players with a safe platform through which they can deposit money to their casinos using online banking accounts. A player doesn’t need to have a physical bank account to use SafetyPay, but they are required to have some form of an online banking account. The company serves over 300 million individuals.


Bonuses offered by a casino are some of the factors that players consider before registering with that particular site. Further, players will also tend to consider if there are any bonuses associated with the respective payment options before selecting the one to use. When it comes to SafetyPay, there are no exclusive bonuses offered for using this payment option, but you can still claim the promotions offered for depositing in a given casino. This payment option does not hinder you from being eligible for the overall bonus offers.


We live in an era where internet theft is relatively widespread. With SafetyPay, you do not have to worry about such problems, particularly taking into consideration that the payment option was founded specifically to respond to the rising global need for a secure online payment option.

  • Security: SafetyPay is an online payment option that makes it possible for gamers to make deposits and withdrawals securely. It does not share your bank information with your casino, which further secures your data from internet theft.
  • Fast and easy to use: The payment option acts as a medium between you and your casino. All you have to do is connect your bank with SafetyPay, transfer money to the account and they will do the rest for you within a short timeframe.
  • No processing fees: When you opt to use SafetyPay as your preferred payment option, you will not be charged any processing fees. This makes it a cheaper banking option.
  • Supports multiple currencies: With SafetyPay, you can deposit money to your online casino using your local currency.
  • No credit cards are required: If you do not have a credit card, or you have one but you don’t want to use it, you can still use SafetyPay.


SafetyPay is a perfect payment option and has been offering excellent services for a decade. Even so, it is still limited in its use, to just a few banks. To a greater extent, this also ends up limiting players from various regions from using it, particularly if they are under a jurisdiction where the accepted bank is unavailable.

  • Limited Casinos: You might not be able to use SafetyPay in a majority of casinos since the number of sites accepting its use are few.
  • Bank account: If you do not have a bank account, online banking or you simply don’t want to use, this payment option would be ineffective.
  • Withdrawals: Some online casinos that support SafetyPay for deposits don’t allow withdrawals through the same.


When depositing money to your online account, you might incur some charges depending on the payment option you opt for. With SafetyPay, you will be charged a low transaction fee which is almost negligible. Nevertheless, this will depend on how much you are depositing. For larger amounts, the fees can be waivered, which makes it an ideal banking option for depositing and withdrawing money from SafetyPay casinos. More so, when withdrawing, your casino might apply some fees, so always be sure to check the terms and conditions.


SafetyPay facilitates online and cash payments in local currencies. Provided you have a bank account with any of the banks that offer SafetyPay services, you will be able to use the banking option regardless of where you are. What this means is that several currencies are supported, with the most popular being Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Pound.

  • Euro: €
  • Canadian Dollar: CAD
  • United States Dollar: $
  • Pound Sterling: £

Creating an Account

The primary purpose of SafetyPay is to securely facilitate direct payments from your bank to your online casino. Doing this is also simple, and you do not have to worry about following endless steps in order to complete a transaction. You are also not even required to create an account to enjoy these services.

  • No registration process is required before being allowed to use SafetyPay
  • To use SafetyPay successfully, connect your bank with the provider and then use the payment code sent to you to complete the transaction.

Funding Account

SafetyPay works as the middleman between you and the casino. Basically, what this means is that you will send money to SafetyPay from your physical or online bank, and then have it transferred securely to your online casino. It is worth noting that you will have to log in to the online banking system of your financial institution to authorise the transaction.

  • Select the amount you want to play with and the name of your preferred casino
  • Log onto your financial institution’s to validate the transaction


To ensure your financial information is safe and that it is not accessed by fraudsters, SafetyPay does not share them with the casino. Instead, it securely transfers the money from their servers to your casino’s account as soon as you have authorised the transfer. Casinos that accept SafetyPay deposits give you the chance to enjoy the convenience that comes with using this payment option.

  • After choosing the amount you want to play with, go ahead and validate your transaction
  • The authorised funds will be moved from to an account that is held by SafetyPay
  • SafetyPay will then use the funds to make a secure payment to your casino


As stated earlier, SafetyPay is a payment service provider. This means that it is almost impossible to use it for withdrawals unless your casino sends money to you as if it was paying you. The process can be tedious and not many casinos would be willing to do so. With this, you will have to select alternative payment options.

  • SafetyPay is only effective for deposits
  • Opt for other banking options for withdrawals


With the increase of cybercrime, online fraudsters have found several ways through which they can intercept gamers’ information as they transfer it from their servers to casino servers and vice versa. With this, the criminals can steal from you without your knowledge! It is because of such cyber threats that the founders of SafetyPay developed this payment solution. The primary goal was to provide a safe, secure, and reliable medium through which people could carry out online and physical financial transactions. SafetyPay has lived to its name in that over the years, no breach of security has been suffered.


SafetyPay is dedicated to giving you unmatched services. The main medium of communication through which you can contact them is via a contact form, which you can find on their official site. They also have a comprehensive FAQ page where you can find general information about the company and answers to some of the questions that are asked frequently. Alternatively, you can use their telephone number, email or social media platforms.

  • Contact Form: Fill the form on their site with your correct details. One of their representatives will get back to you.
  • Social Media: you can get in touch either through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus

VIP Programme

There are payment options that have a VIP programme for their loyal customers. Mainly, these payment options require you to register accounts with them before you start using their services. Since SafetyPay does not require you to leave information about yourself, there is no way they can track how frequently you use their company. Because of this, they do not have a VIP Programme.


SafetyPay facilitates secure and fast payments for casino gamers from different parts of the world. The service provider works with different banks from various regions through which iGamers are able to deposit money. SafetyPay can then send the funds to the players’ casino after the transaction is confirmed. No credit cards are required for a transaction to be completed.

The company has enjoyed a remarkable reputation since it was established in 2007, and its customer base has been growing since then. The major limitation is that players wishing to use this method can only use it for deposits since withdrawals are not supported by most casinos. To ascertain whether your casino accepts SafetyPay, navigate to their banking options page. Also, go through the terms and conditions of the provider and your iGaming site to know what you can expect.


Which online casinos accept SafetyPay?

Use the list of SafetyPay casinos to see all online casinos that accept SafetyPay payments. We filter the casino top list to only show SafetyPay casinos that accept players from your location.