SIS Signs New Partnership With BetConstruct

SIS Signs New Partnership With BetConstruct ( Click to Enlarge )

The latest partnership to surprise thought leaders in the online gambling industry is between BetConstruct and Sports Information Services, more commonly known as simply SIS. This is a part of BetConstruct looking to offer new betting opportunities to the players on their iGaming platform.

BetConstruct to Offer Sports Options With SIS Partnership

The main competition in the online gambling world used to be between casinos or between software developers. However, things have shifted over the years to see competition between platform providers be even more intense.

As a part of this competition, we have seen BetConstruct sign a sports betting deal with SIS.

This is an interesting partnership for a few reasons. However, it also shows how much crossover action is happening in the industry as a whole. What we’re the most concerned with in all of this is how it will affect the players. Overall, it appears that this is going to be a big plus for players as a whole. Additionally, it could help to encourage other platform providers to open players up to opportunities for other types of gambling. That’s a very important idea in an industry that is largely segmented by sector.

What SIS is Offering in This Deal

As a part of this deal, SIS will offer sports betting services as a part of the BetConstruct online gambling platform. That might not sound like that big of a deal if you don’t know the importance of SIS in the sports betting world.

Overall, they are the top supplier for both retail and online platforms when it comes to 24/7 betting. Additionally, in the online world in particular, having 24/7 access is a critical part of any operation. This is because people can be playing or placing bets from any time zone at any time. Without this 24/7 access, plenty of players and punters would be alienated and unable to bet how they want.

With that said, the main focus of this agreement seems to be horse racing. A big part of that is that it’s a great part of the SIS offering with tons of live feeds and constantly updated results and news. However, another element is that the demographics of BetConstruct’s existing customer base come from places that heavily tend to favor horse racing wagers over many other types of sports-adjacent betting.

BetConstruct Taking Over More and More

A big part of the success of BetConstruct’s platform has been their push for different types of content and betting. With a huge selection of online casino games, including thousands of video slots, they’ve done a great job with this. However, it’s clear that they are looking to take over more of the adjacent markets with this SIS deal.

We’re of the opinion that this is a great idea. One issue we’ve had with online casino betting platforms over the years is how few crossover opportunities they tend to offer. Some of them have limited poker room or bingo tie-ins, and some have sports books available as well. However, most of those aren’t integrated in a particularly user-friendly way.

Because of BetConstruct’s history of making their platform as user-friendly as possible, we have complete faith in their ability to integrate the SIS offering wonderfully. We have no doubt whatsoever that this will help to create a trend in the industry of not only offering more crossover betting options but making sure that the user interfaces are intuitive and easy to use.

What Comes Next for These Two Companies

It’s clear that this deal will benefit both companies quite a bit. However, they both also clearly have an agenda to take over as much of the market as possible. In this case, it’s SIS that has the betting offering. Simultaneously, BetConstruct has the player base that already exists to offer these wagering opportunities to.

With all of that said, it’s the players that will see a huge boost here. People who are interested in placing different types of wagers alongside their casino play will love this the most. In fact, we imagine that many people will try horse racing and sports betting in general for the first time as a result of this deal.