SkillOnNet Adds Pragmatic Play Portfolio in New Deal

SkillOnNet Adds Pragmatic Play Portfolio in New Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

A new deal will see Pragmatic Play’s selection of online slots and other games added to the SkillOnNet offering. SoN has a ton of games from a large number of providers and acts as a one-size-fits-all casino software solution, but the quality of their offering has definitely seen a boost as a result of this content distribution deal.

Pragmatic Play Titles Now Available Via SkillOnNet

The software side of the online casino industry is pretty interesting from a business perspective because of all of the deals between companies to share each other’s content. A recent development for SkillOnNet takes advantage of this by adding games from one of the most popular developers around.

Pragmatic Play’s full portfolio of titles will now be available through the SkillOnNet software platform.

This piece of news is really important for a few reasons, and that goes for both of the companies involved. The full extent of what this will mean as we go forward is difficult to see, but one thing that is for sure is that it’s a deal that will be mutually beneficial since both companies are getting a lot out of it.

Why This Deal is So Important

This deal is important for each of these companies for different reasons, but understanding both sides is critical to really get the full extent of why this agreement matters so much.

On the side of SkillOnNet, they’re getting a sizable number of great additions to their overall portfolio. Their appeal to operators and to players is all about the level of quality of their offering as a whole, and adding the games from Pragmatic Play, particularly their line of online slots, is a big addition in that sense.

For Pragmatic Play, they want to get their games in front of as many players as possible. SkillOnNet has operators all over the world, and that means the inclusion of Pragmatic Play slots on that software platform, not to mention their other games, will achieve their goals of getting their games in front of more people. This level of expansion is always going to be a big deal for a company like this.

Live Casino Game Inclusion

A part of this agreement that should not be overlooked is the fact that the live dealer selection from Pragmatic Play is included in the deal as well.

Pragmatic Play’s live games haven’t been available for all that long, but they are included in this agreement, and that means a big boost of people will have those games available all of a sudden.

Pragmatic Play is going to potentially find that their live dealer offering is more popular than they had anticipated as a result of this deal, but it’s also worth noting that SkillOnNet is adding to their live dealer game selection at the same time. The end result, once again, is that both sides of this agreement are benefiting from it, and that’s the kind of thing that we like to see since the players are going to benefit from this as well.

Expansion in Regulated Markets

Another critical part of the distribution side of things here is that Pragmatic Play will get more of a presence in a number of regulated markets as a result of being on the SoN platform. SkillOnNet has licensed operators in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Spain and other jurisdictions, and now we’ll be seeing Pragmatic Play’s online slots, live dealer games and other titles being made more widely available in those places.

This type of expansion is a key component to maximizing revenue and having a strategic approach to maintaining momentum in the current regulatory environment. This is because each individual country has their own rules and regulations and licenses, and a single business deal like this one can allow a company’s games to slide into several markets all at once or at least increase their reach in markets they had already penetrated.