Slotland’s Vegas Vibes Progressive Slot Hits for $281,218

Slotland’s Vegas Vibes Progressive Slot Hits for $281,218 ( Click to Enlarge )

The most recent big win at Slotland has been on their Vegas Vibes progressive slot. This game paid out a nice six-figure win over the past few days, which ended up being one of the largest prizes they have ever paid out. This win nearly broke the record for their largest payout, and that’s a pretty big deal for fans of their games.

Vegas Vibes Pays Out Big

Slotland’s progressive jackpot link is a little different than what you find at most other online casinos. Virtually all of their slots are tied together into the same progressive jackpot pool, which means the prize pool shoots up faster and gives better wins.

A lucky slot fan has found this out themselves with a win worth $281,218 at Slotland.

The game in question was Vegas Vibes, a progressive jackpot slot known for having a theme centered around the Sin City, often known as the capital of the gambling universe. This win is great news for players for a number of reasons, and its large size is one of those.

Close to Breaking a Record

Something that really stands out about this win is that it’s one of the largest that Slotland has ever paid out. There are a few things that you might want to know about this jackpot prize along these lines:

  • The jackpot averages paying out about three or four times each year.
  • The largest win that Slotland has ever paid out was for $315,122 on the same pooled jackpot.
  • The most recent win of $281,218 was the third largest ever by this company.

This is a pretty cool win because of how big it is but also because of how close it came to breaking the all-time record for this particular jackpot. Whenever you see prize records like this coming close to being broken, it’s always good for players since that means that bigger wins are coming.

How the Slotland Progressive Jackpots Work

At Slotland, things are set up in a way so that pretty much every game you play has a chance to give you a life-changing sum of money on a single turn of the reels. Their progressive jackpot is tied in to all of their online slots, and it starts out at the $50,000 level.

This jackpot pays out about $167,000 on average, so the record-breaking win of $315,122 is just under twice that amount. However, the average is more than three times the minimum, so it’s safe to say that players will tend to get six-figure wins with this jackpot a majority of the time.

You can win at any level of stakes because of the great variety of games and bet sizes available through Slotland, and that’s an aspect of this big win that should not be missed or looked over.

About the Winner

The winner has been identified, and her name is Barbara. She’s located in Arkansas in the central United States. Her win came while getting a five of a kind combination of Elvis symbols. This symbol is used because of how popular Elvis impersonators are in the entertainment industry that the city is largely known for.

As you can tell from where this winner is located, Slotland accepts players from the United States, which is something you don’t always see from online casinos these days because of the weird legislative issues going on there.

About Slotland

Slotland is well-known for offering players a fun selection of their own games that you can’t find anywhere else. Their games run in your web browser, so you can play from Mac, Windows or Linux, and they’ve been in operation since 1998. With more than two decades in the industry, they have a reputation for knowing what players like and for having a lot of fun games with chances for big jackpots on all of their slots.