Soft2Bet Integrates Quickspin Slots Portfolio

Soft2Bet Integrates Quickspin Slots Portfolio ( Click to Enlarge )

Soft2Bet, a software provider for online casinos and sportsbooks, has added Quickspin’s lineup of titles after a new deal. This will see Quickspin’s portfolio added to around a dozen brands, which is a great point of expansion for this popular software developer.

Quickspin Expands Reach With Soft2Bet Deal

The online casino software sector is constantly pressing forward to bring players new, exciting games and ideas. However, a business side also exists for these companies so that they can get their titles out there. Quickspin is one such company that has to balance both sides of this equation. Thankfully for players, they do it particularly well.

This has led to Quickspin getting yet another distribution deal. This time, it’s through the software provider Soft2Bet.

These types of deals usually have a lot of moving parts. In this case, it’s actually much more straightforward than average. Quickspin has a great games catalog, and Soft2Bet has brands they want the games on. However, there is a bit more to this in terms of what each company is trying to achieve. On top of that, a lot of players will be affected by this deal in more ways than one.

So overall, there are clearly a lot of moving parts to this agreement.

What Is Included With This Deal

When you have a portfolio the size of Quickspin, you can’t easily roll everything out at once. It’s just such a large undertaking that it doesn’t really make sense. Instead, they’ve decided to go with a sort of staged roll-out that will get games to players quickly with more to come in the future.

However, do not be mistaken because this deal is for their entire portfolio to be hosted with Soft2Bet.

The way they’re handling this is that they’re starting with all of their newest titles. From there, they’ll be working their way backward, more or less. Additionally, this means that popular new games like Big Bad Wolf Megaways, Sticky Bands 3 and others will be prioritized.

We think this approach makes sense. Players will get the newest releases first, which probably includes games they want to play the most anyway.

Who Benefits From This Agreement

First off, Soft2Bet gets quite a bit from this. The basic idea is that they need a fresh selection of new titles coming in regularly to appeal to players. On the one hand, they get the full catalog of what Quickspin has to offer. However, they also get all of their new games. Since this includes several new releases each year, this deal has a built-in “freshness” factor to a serious degree.

Additionally, Quickspin benefits a lot as well. Getting their titles in front of new players is always a good thing. However, in the case of Soft2Bet, they run online casinos and online sportsbooks. The latter in particular means that plenty of players will not have had access to these titles before. This is the ideal situation to get games in front of new players. When a software company creates new fans, that helps them over the long run.

Finally, the players ultimately come out as the biggest winners. Having a greater selection of high-quality titles that are easier to access is the name of the game. Additionally, a better selection also means a higher level of competition. As a result, the “level of the tide” of competition raises across the industry.

What’s Next for Quickspin

Something we have seen Quickspin do over the past few years is really push for expansion. They’ve done this by getting into emerging markets as well as expanding their reach within markets they already operate in. This two-prong approach has led them to a lot of success. Additionally, this is seen as particularly impressive because they’re already super popular. However, they’re clearly not resting on their laurels. What we’ve seen with this deal with Soft2Bet is characteristic of what we see from them in general.