Spain Shows Online Casino Growth

Spain Shows Online Casino Growth ( Click to Enlarge )

Spain gambling market grows by nearly a third, establishes new regulatory board: Gambling in Spain is experiencing something of a boom at present, it’s fair to say. The Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) just released figures showing that gross gambling revenue in the country is up 30% in quarter three, thanks largely to sports betting (rise of 29%) and online casinos (39%). In total, the figure for Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) was €181.7m.

Increased advertising is a big factor in this, with marketing spends almost doubling in the past year, to around €80m. A 5% tax break for the gambling sector voted through the Spanish Parliament in July 2018 has also no doubt helped.

2018 has seen growth throughout global gambling, particularly in Europe. Spain is just one example among a sea of growing industries. Online casinos are seen by experts as the biggest innovation in the market, with their 24-hour accessibility and the convenience of being only a phone swipe away being huge pulls. Spain’s figures of 52 operators in the current period, of which 38 are online casinos, confirms this trend.

Consejo Asesor del Juego Responsible

Amidst all this, Spain has also just announced a new advisory board to help shape the country’s responsible gaming strategy. The Consejo Asesor del Juego Responsible (CAJR) is made up of 25 members who are industry experts and their remit is, in essence, to help develop, execute and manage policies related to online gaming.

This will include collaborating with the Finance and Health departments, as well as researching strategies to adapt to ongoing trends within the gaming market.

Global Trends

The gambling industry continues to flourish, despite recent concerns about advertising tactics and the influence on younger members of society.

Since 2009 there has been constant, impressive growth, and while gambling remains a controversial subject among governments across the globe there is no doubting that it’s a booming industry that shows absolutely no signs of abating any time soon. Therefore Spain’s decision to establish a board for responsible gaming makes a lot of sense, appeasing its public that the government is maintaining a moral hold over the industry.

We may well be seeing many other countries follow suit soon as the gaming industry is here to stay, and is only going to get bigger.