Spanish Reach Expanded by Oryx Gaming With Casumo Deal

Spanish Reach Expanded by Oryx Gaming With Casumo Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

In the modern online gambling industry, getting into individual regulated markets is a big deal. It’s also important to expand reach and market share once a foothold has been established. This is exactly what Oryx Gaming is putting together in Spain right now with a deal through Casumo.

Casumo Deal in Spain Reached by Oryx Gaming

The online gambling industry is very segregated geographically because of different regulatory bodies. As of yet, we do not have a global regulatory body, so this is the best we can do for now. The regulated market in Spain is a hot one in Europe, and getting a big foothold there is a big deal.

Along these lines, it’s a big deal that Oryx Gaming is expanding their own reach there. This time, it comes through a deal with top-tier operator Casumo.

Both of these companies have tremendous reputations in the industry on a global level. As a result, seeing them work together in Spain is obviously a good thing for players. However, there’s a bit more to this deal as a whole when viewed from a strategic standpoint. In particular, this includes the available game selection coming from provider GAMOMAT.

What’s Included in the Deal

Oryx Gaming offers a games platform they refer to as RGS. The RGS platform includes content from a wide range of software providers. It also focuses primarily on high-quality online slots. All of the titles included on the RGS platform will be made available to Casumo as a part of this deal.

Of particular note is that this platform includes the full portfolio from GAMOMAT. GAMOMAT is important in Spain because players are already very familiar with their titles. Along these lines, GAMOMAT has a much higher popularity in Spain than perhaps any other country. Spanish players seem to really have some serious love for their games. As such, this means that this deal with Casumo has a bit more meaning than it would otherwise.

Oryx Gaming’s Expansion in Spain

Also worth noting is that this is not Oryx Gaming’s first time in Spain. Casumo is actually the second operator they’ve signed a deal with like this in the country. The idea here is that Casumo is expanding in Spain. Along with their RGS platform in general, they’re really riding the part where they offer titles from GAMOMAT. This strategy is all about taking advantage of the fact that Spanish players already love those titles.

It’s obviously a smart strategy since it’s working. Even though they’ve only signed with their second operator, they’ve already shown success among Spanish fans. This creates a great situation for them since signing on for their license to operator last summer. The market in Spain has been regulated for a decade this year, and it’s grown to be a very strong one. It’s clear that Oryx Gaming has plans to expand their reach in the country, and it’s easy to see why with how popular online slots in particular have become there.

The Greater Issue of Strategy in Markets in Today’s Industry

Each individual country that has regulated online gambling is their own market. To get games in front of more players, companies like Oryx Gaming essentially have two options. First, they can get their games into new markets through licensing and business deals. However, their second market is to expand inside of the markets they’ve already gained entry into.

We’re seeing the turning point of going from the first option to the second option in Spain right now. Oryx Gaming has established their foothold, and now they’re expanding on it. This is the natural process for these types of things. However, the methods that they are going about it are really interesting because they’re atypical. This developer is using the popularity of another developer (ie: GAMONAT) to boost their own signal. It’s an incredibly clever decision, and we love seeing this type of thing work out. That’s because it means more access to popular games for players.