Spinomenal Granted License From the UK Gambling Commission

Spinomenal Granted License From the UK Gambling Commission ( Click to Enlarge )

In the world of online casino jurisdictions, the United Kingdom is one of the most important. Their strict rules and guidelines have made them one of the top names over the past several years. This is why it’s so exciting that Spinomenal has been granted their license from the UKGC.

United Kingdom Gambling Commission Grants License to Spinomenal

Since around the beginning of the time that different countries started regulating their own markets, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission has stood out due to how seriously they take things and how strong of penalties they put on entities that break their rules. This has made a license from them particularly sought after for several years.

This is why Spinomenal has achieved something great in securing a license for B2B activities from the Gambling Commission.

For software providers in the online gambling industry, strategy is pretty straightforward. In the modern era, getting your games in front of as many players as possible is the focus. While this does include crafting high-quality content, that’s not all there is to do. Instead, these companies have to make deals to try to get into a variety of regulated jurisdictions.

That’s why it’s such a big deal that Spinomenal got this license themselves. They haven’t needed to piggyback on any other license as a software partner or anything similar. Additionally, it shows the world just what level they are on compared to everyone else.

Games Included Under This Licensing Deal

The full selection of online slots produced by Spinomenal are covered under this license. However, it will also include all future content that they create while the license is still valid. Because they’re known for producing such great games at an aggressive pace, we can expect this to eventually cover dozens or hundreds more titles than what they already have available in their portfolio.

Some of their most popular titles will be available as soon as possible. This includes names like Demi Gods II, titles from the Lucky Jack series and the Wolf Fang slot. However, some of their older titles may be phased in within stages. This can happen due to older software standards and needing slots to be updated for various back-end reasons.

The Retro Gaming Development House is Included

A really interesting aspect of this licensing is that it covers their Retro Gaming studio as well. Retro Gaming is essentially an online slots studio that focuses completely on what we would call classic slots. Their full portfolio will be allowed to be offered to players in the United Kingdom thanks to this license.

It may seem strange at first glance to think that an entire studio would be dedicated to classic slots. Many players believe the three-reel, old-style titles are on their way out the door. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In modern times, especially with smaller screens on mobile devices, three-reel games are more in demand than you may think. However, a big part of that is because of advanced techniques and concepts for game mechanics. The feature sets are also a bit different than what you might expect.

Additionally, a serious “retro” streak has been happening over the past few years in several media sectors. For example, vinyl records have been out-selling compact discs (CDs) for years at this point. Along similar lines, plenty of players are now starting to enjoy a renewed “coolness” factor for these older styles of slots.

Getting Great Titles in Front of United Kingdom Slot Fans

The ultimate bottom line of this news is that it means more great games in front of more UK slot players. Moreover, it’s difficult to compete with what Spinomenal brings to the table in terms of quality. They have a large variety of games with different themes, feature sets, gameplay styles and formats. Especially with their Retro Gaming studio, the diversity found in their overall slot portfolio is something that players in the United Kingdom will absolutely love having available now.