Stakelogic Announces Slots Branded From Skyrocket Entertainment

Stakelogic Announces Slots Branded From Skyrocket Entertainment ( Click to Enlarge )

Stakelogic has recently announced that they will be producing some online slots based on popular movies by Skyrocket Entertainment. This includes some of the biggest titles ever in action movies like the Rambo series, Hercules and The Expendables, which are sure to bring players a tremendous amount of action.

Stakelogic Bringing Heavy Action With New Slots

Licensing agreements around online slots allow software developers in the online casino industry to come up with some pretty tremendous games based around already established brands in various forms of media. The most popular form of media for this sort of thing is big movies, and Stakelogic has recently announced a deal that will have them make numerous titles based on big movie names.

This agreement is with Skyrocket Entertainment, a company that has produced some of the biggest action movies of all time.

This is excellent news for players who like high-action online slots, and even if you don’t care about the movies themselves, this is still an exciting time because of the news that Stakelogic is going to be pushing out even more titles. They’re known for putting together high-quality games, so that means more great options for players to pick and choose from.

Which Movies Are Included in This Deal?

We don’t have a full list yet of which brands are going to be made into slots. However, the ones we do know about include Rambo, Hercules and The Expendables, and that’s already a pretty tremendous lineup.

Something that makes this news so interesting as well is that there haven’t been that many big movie-based slot releases in a while, and though we do get one or two here and there, the number of these types of releases have slowed down tremendously over the past few years.

For players who prefer this kind of play with online slots, it’s a great time to play with brands that have Stakelogic-powered online slots because they will obviously be the first places to have these games be released.

The State of Stakelogic

This is big news for Stakelogic for obvious reasons, but there is a bit more to it. This is a historic signing for Stakelogic, and we mean that in a big way.

This is because this is the first time that Stakelogic has signed a deal for licensed slots along these lines.

As a result, we’re not going to be surprised if these end up being some of the biggest and most popular games that Stakelogic has ever produced. It’s definitely something that’s getting a lot of attention in the online casino world because it’s such a big move, and it’s sure to pay off once these games start actually coming out.

The First Release

The initial release as a part of this deal comes about five weeks from now on February 23, 2020. This release will be for The Expendables, and it’s going to use the Megaways format. The rest of the games that are a part of this deal are scheduled to be released in 2020, but no specific dates have been announced so far.

Having this game release with the Megaways format is a pretty big deal on its own since that layout style acts as a super-solid foundation for some really action-packed games, and since these slots are going to be based on some of the biggest action movies ever, it’s obviously a good fit.

What to Expect

Players are probably wondering what to expect from these titles, and other than the format listed above, we don’t really know anything so far. Stakelogic is keeping this one close to the chest, so to speak, in that they aren’t really releasing much in terms of big details so far.

Once February 23 gets here, we’ll have a much better idea of what to expect from the whole series as we get a taste of The Expendables Megaways online slot. Until then, we’ll just have to speculate.