Stakelogic Signs Deal to Be Distributed on iSoftBet’s Platform

Stakelogic Signs Deal to Be Distributed on iSoftBet’s Platform ( Click to Enlarge )

iSoftBet has made a major signing for their Game Aggregation Platform, frequently shortened to GAP, in the form of Stakelogic. This is a pretty big deal for both companies as it increases the number of high-quality games on the platform for the former while increasing the reach to players for the latter.

iSoftBet Adds Stakelogic Games

In the online casino world, there are different software companies and platform providers making deals all the time, but most of them aren’t as big of a deal as what the new announcement unveiled between Stakelogic and iSoftBet.

iSoftBet, with their Game Aggregation Platform, will be adding several dozen titles from Stakelogic’s overall portfolio.

This is a pretty big deal for both companies, a number of operators and the players, so there’s a lot going on here. Both of these companies have been around for quite a while, and they both have substantial history in the industry overall. For them to come together like this is a pretty big deal, and you don’t really see two companies with this much time in the online casino business come together for the first time with something like this in the modern era.

How This Deal Changes Things

Stakelogic is going to get a lot out of this agreement, and there are a few reasons for that. While they have a good standing in the industry and have been around for a while, many people see them as somewhat of a “stale” brand, for lack of a better word, because of the lack of publicity of hot releases. They do have new releases, but they often get lost in the shuffle compared to the incredible titles coming out by so many competitors.

What this gives them, however, is instant additional credibility due to the relationship with iSoftBet, which is more known in the present for offering a fresh alternative to what a lot of other providers are putting out with their own platforms.

When it comes to iSoftBet specifically, one of the big things to realize is that they’re always looking to add strong content to their Game Aggregation Platform, known as GAP for short, which they have used to create deals with tons of top operators. Stakelogic benefits by getting their best games in with these sites, but iSoftBet gains also by increasing the size of their portfolio and adding more high-quality titles from a company with a long track record.

What’s Included in This Deal

The critical thing for players is knowing which games are going to be included as a part of this content distribution agreement between these two companies. The bottom line is that Stakelogic’s entire portfolio will not be added, but dozens of their most popular games will be. This includes at least 70 as a part of this initial deal with the option for more to be added if they add on to the deal in the future.

Some of the games included in this list are The Expendables Megaways, Flappers and Rambo, all of which have gotten the most attention of virtually any titles in their portfolio. It makes sense that they would lead with these, but it also makes sense that iSoftBet wouldn’t want anything but the best from Stakelogic since using their entire portfolio would require taking on a lot of games that aren’t really competitive in the modern era.

What Players Need to Know

If you’re a fan from Portugal, Romania or the United Kingdom, then this news is going to be of particular importance to you. This is because it’ll be the first time that Stakelogic has gotten any of these titles available in these locations in a fully licensed capacity, which is a pretty big deal for obvious reasons.

In any event, if you’re a fan of the iSoftBet GAP platform, then you’ll be happy that they’re continuing to push the envelope to get even more games added.

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