Super Size Reels At Wazdan

Super Size Reels At Wazdan ( Click to Enlarge )

Game developer Wazdan has announced that they will be bringing a new feature to their games, the ability to zoom in on the slots. Thanks to the new feature players will be able to zoom in on the slots as they play and see the action in glorious detail. Players will be able to choose between two zoom modes, which will give them the option of adjusting the width of the reels to the size of their screen.

Focus On The Action

This new feature, which will be unique to Wazdan games, allows players to really focus on the action that is happening on the reels and helps them avoid being distracted by what is happening in the background. The feature also allows them to move the control panel which is located below the game to the right-hand side of the screen.

In doing so the panel transforms into universal buttons, giving you even more room to play and more focus on those all-important slots.

This is not the first innovation that Wazdan has achieved. Indeed, the brand is so dedicated to modernising the word of online gaming that there are seven other unique features to look out for in their games.

Control Volatility

Volatility levels give players control over the volatility of the game they are playing whilst ultra lite mode helps out those with a poor internet connection by decreasing the load time of the game. There is also a unique gambling feature which lets players activate an extra game with a 50/50 chance of doubling their win and an energy saving mode to help those with struggling device batteries.

Players can also enjoy a double screen mode where they can see the paytable at the same time as the reels and an ultra-fast mode which speeds up gameplay.

Look out for Wazdan games next time you head to the slots if you fancy trying out some of these unique features. There is plenty of great games on offer from the developer including; Larry the Lepruchan, Relic Hunters, Space Spins and Los Muertos.