The Age of the Gods Bonus Live Roulette Table by Playtech is Released

The Age of the Gods Bonus Live Roulette Table by Playtech is Released ( Click to Enlarge )

Playtech’s entry into the live dealer arena has become even more interesting with their August release of the Age of the Gods Bonus Live Roulette tables. These games allow players to jump right into one of the four progressives or take part in bonus features that add a bit of extra excitement to the experience.

Age of the Gods Live Roulette Tables Go Live

The online casino world has seen more competition in the live dealer sector than ever before over the past couple of years with multiple companies stepping up in a bid to end Evolution Gaming’s overwhelming stranglehold on the genre. Playtech’s latest release shows just how serious they are about that endeavor.

With the new Age of the Gods Live Roulette tables, you can win a life-changing sum of money on a single spin.

This game offers a lot to get excited about, but once you look at the overall feature set, it may be difficult to go back to more typical forms of roulette. The rule set is designed to be a blend between traditional roulette and certain aspects of games like slots that have access to bonus features and other goodies like the four-tier Age of the Gods progressive jackpot system.

How the Jackpot is Triggered

The first thing that most players are going to want to know right off of the bat is how the jackpots are triggered, so we’ll get into that first. Just like in many of the online slots that are tied to the same progressives, you’ll win them in this game by total random chance.

There’s a random chance to win one of these jackpots on each spin, and if you hit that chance, you’re taken to a bonus feature where one of the four jackpots are chosen for you. The smaller jackpots win more often, but the higher jackpots have disproportionately higher payout values.

The top jackpot is always seeded for at least €100,000, so that’s always a prize hanging over your head that you can win on any given spin. The average win for this jackpot is in the range of €400,000 to €600,000, so you’ll often have a much bigger win in the mix as well.

Keep in mind that your bet size or selection of wagers does not disqualify you from winning these jackpots, but they will disproportionately change your chances of taking one down.

Other Features

Another fun feature is actually slot-based, and if you trigger it, you’ll be taken to a second screen after any regular winnings are paid out. This gives you a free opportunity to take down some special wins that are a multiple of your bonus side bet, and that amounts to more action and more opportunities to come out as a big winner by the end of your sessions.

The Move Toward Live Dealer Tables

Playtech has been very serious when it comes to maintaining their position in the online gambling world, and they have their hands in virtually every sector of it. It’s perfectly logical that they would have eventually gotten around to the live dealer market, and we’ve been seeing them really push in the boundaries to establish new ideas, which is just like they’ve done in other sectors of the overall industry.

With their Age of the Gods roulette game, what we’re seeing is them tie a classic live dealer game into their most prolific set of progressives, already available across a wide range of games that all play into the same prize pool. As a result, it’s becoming more accessible no matter what kinds of games you enjoy playing.

Overall, this is a game that all players should be excited about, even if you aren’t into roulette or table games at all. The reason is that it shows that Playtech is looking to move their jackpots into other areas than their slots, and that means that all online casino fans have more opportunities to win major payouts.


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