The Growing Influence And Popularity Of Online Casinos In Israel

The Growing Influence And Popularity Of Online Casinos In Israel ( Click to Enlarge )

Israel has a long fascination with the online gambling industry and iGaming is increasingly becoming a major part of the country’s booming economy. Two of the most popular brands: Playtech and were founded by Israeli entrepreneurs and these are discussed below.

Although the regulations surrounding online gambling are quite complex in Israel, the sector is getting bigger all the time.

Mobile Gaming Boom

A report in the Jerusalem Times on 30 December 2018 highlighted just how online casinos are taking off in Israel. This is particularly the case now that mobile gaming is available and this sector has seen some of the biggest increases in Israel and throughout the world since 2017. Mobile gaming is now responsible for more than 51% of total global income from online gambling.

Israel Thriving

Some of the major players in the online casino sector and development of casino software are discussed below:

Shay and Ron Ben Yitzhak and Avi and Aaron Shaked

This partnership between two sets of Israeli brothers set the online casino world alight when they founded the casino brand. This is one of the most popular online casinos and poker playing brands on the internet and has expanded rapidly since launch. The online casino is based in Gibraltar and shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. The company has just launched an additional online casino brand to diversify its product offerings even further.

Teddy Sagi

Teddy Sagi is a leading entrepreneur within the Israeli online casino sector and founded the Playtech business. Playtech is a major provider of gaming software to global casino brands and helps ensure that online casinos retain their lead in the entertainments sector. The Playtech software enables mobile gamers to access live video slots and casino games with safety and ease.

As can be seen, Israel has an interesting involvement within the online casino sector and is home to some of the most talented casino operators in the world. As already noted, strict gambling regulations are enforced in Israel, however, it’s possible these could be relaxed as more Israelis enter this business sector and the increased revenues collected by the government offer even greater benefits to the economy.