Travel the World With Red Rake’s Marco Polo Slot

Travel the World With Red Rake’s Marco Polo Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

In the latest video slot release from Red Rake Gaming, players can travel through Europe and Asia with Marco Polo in order make their fortunes. The game is a five-reel, three-line slot with 30 paylines and many exciting bonus features.

Adventures Await With Marco Polo

The Marco Polo slot gives a nod to the famous Silk Road as player make the journey through Europe and Asia to find their fortunes alongside the titular Marco Polo.

The game begins in Marco Polo’s hometown of Venice, Italy, and as the game progresses, the adventure continues through several notable places along the way. The entire theme of the slot is a mixture of Asian and European elements, which gives the trip a more authentic feel.

All of the top-paying symbols are thematic to the adventure. Marco Polo is naturally the most lucrative symbol, and the remaining major symbols include a yin yang, golden coins, a compass and books. All of the lesser symbols are stylized A, K, Q, J and 10s.

Big Risks For Potentially Big Rewards

Marco Polo has many of the standard bonus features that players look for when choosing a new slot to try. There are scatters, wilds, free spins, multipliers and bonus games, all of which add substantial amounts to the base pay structure.

The yin yang symbols act as scatters, and if enough of them land on the reels, players can multiply their wins by up to x60, which is a significant bump in payout.

One interesting thing to note about the bonus features in this game is that the Marco Polo symbol, which acts as the game’s wild, can substitute for every symbol on the reels, including the scatter. This is not something players see all that often, but it’s worth noting because of the additional win possibilities it provides.

Additionally, the free spin game will move players along the map and potentially provide opportunities to unlock additional free spins and new multipliers.

However, players must make a choice when they trigger this bonus game. There is an instant win abacus game that can be chosen instead of the free spins. If the abacus feature is chosen, it will reveal the player’s instant win sum one number at a time. These wins can be substantial, so players must decide how much risk they are willing to take.

A Look At Red Rake Gaming

Red Rake Gaming is a casino games developer based in Valencia, Spain that has been creating games since 2011. In the first few years of their career, the company focused on the social casino aspect of the industry, but in 2015 they made the leap into real money games.

In 2016, they became B2B providers, and they have utilized their knowledge of social gaming to create real money games that carry all the appeal of social gaming combined with the excitement of playing for real money.

They also provide their partners with a suite of tools that allow for a smooth, efficient experience on the back end as well as for players.

Red Rake not only produces video slots with excellent graphics and exciting themes, but they also have a considerable number of video poker and video bingo games in their extensive portfolio. The company sticks to a rigorous release schedule that sees 15 new titles added to their catalog of games every calendar year, and each game is as fresh and exciting as the last.

All of their games boast a high level of versatility in addition to their considerable player appeal. Their entire portfolio is designed to work in-browser, so operating systems are not an issue. Red Rake has also created slots that are specifically designed with mobile play in mind, which means they can be played on Android, iOS and even some social media channels such as Facebook.

Overall, Marco Polo is just one more exciting new addition to an already impressive stable of games.