Two Sizable Jackpots Won at Casumo Casino

Two Sizable Jackpots Won at Casumo Casino ( Click to Enlarge )

There have recently been a pair of big jackpots won at Casumo Casino. Both of these are in the five-figure range and represent some pretty tremendous payouts relative to the size of the bets that generated them. These show that you can win big no matter how much you’re betting at one time.

Big Casumo Casino Jackpots

The dream and goal of virtually every player in every online casino is to turn out a big win, and that’s usually in the form of some kind of big jackpots. A pair of players at Casumo Casino were able to do just that recently at two different games, and these payouts illustrate one important fact:

You can win big at this site no matter how much you’re betting on some of the most popular titles that they have to offer.

The reason for this is in how the biggest wins are determined, and it’s a bit different than the rest of the pay table. This is what drives players to games with big jackpots like these.

Details on the Two Jackpots

The first jackpot happened on the Dragon’s Luck online slot, and it came in the form of a £57,860.55 prize. What’s critical to understand here is that the game was being played with a £20 wager per turn, and that means that the jackpot won was worth just under 2,900 times the size of the bet.

That’s impressive, but the next one is absolutely stunning. A player was wagering just €0.24 per spin on the Grand Spinn Superpot video slot, and it lived up to its name when it awarded this lucky player a win worth €20,980.92. That’s a tremendous prize worth more than 87,000 times the size of the bet being made, and that’s the kind of thing that online slot players dream of.

Why Such Large Jackpots Relative to the Bet Size?

Generally speaking, anything worth more than about 2,000 to 2,500 times the size of your total wager is considered a large jackpot. Most games that have wins expressed as multiples of your whole bet size will have something in the range of 200x to 500x as their top prize without any kind of progressive.

The reason that the progressives can get so big relative to the size of your bet is because of how they operate in terms of your chances of winning. In most cases, the regular prizes scale up and down in size based on how much you’re betting. If you’re wagering €1 per spin and move to €2 per spin, a prize might go from €50 to €100 to stay proportional.

However, most progressives do not adjust in size like this. Instead, it’s your chances of winning the jackpot that scale, so you’d have half the chance on each spin of hitting the progressive with a €1 spin than you would with a €2 spin.

The end result is that players can win massive payouts worth several times the size of their wagers, and that’s something that appeals to a large portion of the player base.

What Casumo Casino Brings to the Table

It’s clear from the two big wins that we outlined up above that Casumo Casino has a lot to offer players in terms of progressive jackpot titles. This is tied into the fact that they have a tremendous game selection with hundreds of titles provided from several dozen of the top software developers in the industry.

Paired with this is a software platform that makes it really easy to take your play with you any way you want to play, and that includes desktop and mobile. Players on smartphones and tablets can enjoy pretty much the same game selection as those playing on the desktop platform, and that means hundreds of top-tier games available in the palm of your hand 24/7/365 no matter where you go as long as you have a connection.

For players who are looking for opportunities to take down big jackpots at this site, you’ll also have some pretty good bonus opportunities as well. They have deals for players at all kinds of different games and levels of stakes. What’s more is that they don’t just hit you with a welcome package and leave it at that. You’ll get consistent value from what they’re bringing to the table in terms of promotions, bonuses and other deals for the life of your account.