Ultrapay CEO – Crypto Central To Online Gambling Future

Ultrapay CEO – Crypto Central To Online Gambling Future ( Click to Enlarge )

Cryptocurrency is growing in popularity and user-base constantly. This means online gambling organisations will need to increase their ability to handle cryptocurrency payments, to capture the interest of the next generation – according to Mario Ovcharov, Ultrapay CEO.

Ultrapay’s Early Adoption Of Cryptocurrency

Mr Ovcharov’s belief in the importance of cryptocurrency to the future of online gambling and gaming shouldn’t come as a surprise. As well as one of the most comprehensive collections of eSport betting opportunities, the company has been a trailblazer in “alternative payment” options.

As early as 2011 the company was incorporating payment options that spanned both cryptocurrency and blockchains. Ultrapay integrates these systems to provide maximum convenience – meaning they can be used for something as simple as a payment, or for larger and more complex financial exchanges.

Security is always a key consideration of the online gambling fraternity, which is one of many reasons cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity. Not only are they practical for many people, but they also allow them to maintain a degree of privacy and security in their transactions.

Scalability Of Cryptocurrency

Online gambling firms that understand the importance of cryptocurrency, and its rising popularity, stand a lot to gain from early integration of “alternative payments“. In particular the ability to scale those payments with an increasing user base.

As cryptocurrency is likely to become, in time, a far more widely accepted and commonly used method of payment, the benefits will continue for online gaming customers. Payments will become faster, more secure, and more accessible as the technology continues to be refined and developed.

Mr Ovcharov claims that forward thinking is essential to the ongoing success of online betting providers. Organisations that fail to adapt to the changing needs of their users will eventually be left behind.

This is why his company, Ultrapay, has also been a pioneer in the world of eSport betting, as well as offering cryptocurrency payments. The world of eSports continues to grow in popularity, and online gambling operators not offering diverse opportunities to bet on it will suffer.

The future is bright for online gambling, as long as operators cater to their users’ needs.