US Punters In Pennsylvania Get Ready For Online Casinos

US Punters In Pennsylvania Get Ready For Online Casinos ( Click to Enlarge )

The Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board has recently announced that it will permit online poker sites and casinos to operate within the state from 15th July 2019. Online casinos in the area had previously been prohibited and residents are said to be excited at the prospect of accessing online casinos from their computers, smartphones and tablets.

Regulation Overturned

While attempts to prohibit online gambling in Pennsylvania have frequently been made since 2010, popular support for digital casino and poker platforms has meant that the PGCB has sided with consumers.

While both houses in-state agreed to approve the bill to legalise online casinos back in 2017, the results of the bill are only now coming to fruition, leading to much speculation as to which providers are set to conquer the Pennsylvanian online casino market.

Several Applications Submitted

The PGCB has recently started to accept bids and applications for gambling licences for qualified operators. The process involves screening potential operators, drawing up draft regulations for the Pennsylvanian online gambling industry, and paving the way for the launch of home-grown online gambling sites within the state.

Numerous Delays

After the 2017 online gambling bill was passed, industry insiders speculated that the first online casinos in Pennsylvania would materialise by 2018. However, delays due to hold-ups in administrative processes has meant that projects have been put on hold – until now.

In an announcement this week, PGCB Executive Director Kevin O’Toole highlighted that interactive gaming, which encompasses slots, poker and table game play, will be a “key component” of the expansion of gambling in Pennsylvania.

90-day Review

As part of the regulatory framework surrounding online gambling, the PGCB board put in place a regulatory requirement to establish the commencement date of July 15th. After much discussion, the board decided that 90 days from the 15th April would be adequate timing to complete all necessary steps to ensure both developers and regulators within the industry would be in a position to launch.

All that remains for online casino fans in Pennsylvania is to wait and see what exciting new developments take place between now and launch day.

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