’s Battle of Slots Gets Quickspin Games

by’s Battle of Slots Gets Quickspin Games ( Click to Enlarge )

The Battle of Slots activity recently picked up an addition to its available game selection. It now has Quickspin titles available in addition to the already running Net Entertainment and Play’n GO slots available for players to play while facing each other in match-ups to see who can come out ahead for a given prize pool.

Quickspin Joins Battle of Slots

The idea of a casino tournament of some type is something that appeals to a lot of players because of the idea of going up against other players instead of going against the house. This adds some different strategic elements as well, and has taken advantage of this concept for a long while with their Battle of Slots concept.

This on-demand event allows players to go up against each other for a set price to see who can come out on top and win the prize pool within a given set of slot parameters.

The game selection available for this event was previously held to just Net Entertainment and Play’n GO titles. However, they’ve recently added Quickspin slots to that number, and that gives players even more exciting ways to play and face off against other people.

Why Quickspin?

Something players have to understand is that Quickspin is one of the top providers of the past few years in terms of quality and release schedule. They’ve made quite a reputation for themselves for putting out tremendously high-quality slots, so they were a perfect fit for the Battle of Slots event.

They will join a reasonably sized portfolio of other games from names like Play’n GO and Net Entertainment, including some of the best slots either of these top-tier providers have ever produced, and that will allow players to pick from a ton of different high-end games when duking it out to see who can beat their peers.

Quickspin also has a history of different marketing tools and concepts that exist on a sort of meta level as their regular games, which is something that they have in common with Play’n GO and NetEnt, and that could have had an effect on the decision as well.

The Influence of Slot Tournaments

There have been a lot of different styles of events for slot tournaments over the years, and some of them have given the format a bad reputation for essentially just being a promotion to see who can bet the most in a given period of time.

The Battle of Slots is not like that. Instead, you and other players put in a set amount of money in exchange for tournament points that are then wagered on a given game. Everyone wagers through their given tournament points one time to see who can rack up the most winnings overall. There is a lot of luck involved in these events, which is obvious considering that they are contested on slot machines, but there’s some skill involved as well as far as choosing your bet sizes go.

In short, they offer a good mix of luck and skill while keeping things incredibly fun. If you make it to the top of the pile, then you win from the prize pool that you all paid into, which means that you can win big even if you don’t hit major features or jackpots as long as you happen to win more than the other players.

What Players Can Expect

If you’re a fan at, then you can expect to see the games from the Quickspin portfolio added soon with new releases being added in the future. This will give players plenty of opportunities to have run-ins against each other to see who can come out on top with some of the best games in the genre. On top of that, you’ll have even even larger variety of games to pick from in the future as more companies compete to see who can be added to that game selection next.