Videoslots Releases Record 6,000th Game

Videoslots Releases Record 6,000th Game ( Click to Enlarge )

Leading online casino brand has just released its 6,000th title. This record-breaking launch makes them the first casino to release 6,000 slots. This is even more impressive since they broke their previous 5,000-game record in February.

6,000th Game Launched by Videoslots

Most online casinos strive to have a large library of games. This is a great strategy for attracting new players and keeping existing customers happy. However, no other online casino brand can boast a lineup of games as large as They have made it their mission to lead the industry with the sheer number of games they have available.

Their landmark 6,000th game is called Agent of Hearts. It was launched by their longtime partner, Play’n GO, another major name in the online games industry. By adding this game to their lineup, Videoslots has once again cemented their position as the online casino with the most diverse portfolio. They are notorious for having an unmatched gaming library that features all of the industry’s best, most popular brands.

The achievement of reaching the 6,000-game mark is all the more impressive given their performance earlier this year. In February, they broke their own record with the addition of their 5,000th title. This shows their dedication to their growth strategy. It also proves that they are committed to providing an outstanding gaming experience for their extensive player base.

Of course, it’s thrilling and fun to watch the Videoslots portfolio break its own record over and over again. Players love seeing these kinds of exciting announcements. However, this is about more than just consistently having the most games available.

Why Players Should Take Note of This Record-Setting Addition

Not many online casinos can boast a game selection even close to that of Videoslots. In fact, focusing so completely on having the biggest library of games is an unusual strategy for an online casino. It might seem like a gimmick to some players and even some competitors. However, this plan is more nuanced than that.

This is part of a targeted expansion strategy meant to do more than just garner attention. In addition to the attention-grabbing headlines it creates, it also positions Videoslots as an industry leader. It also showcases their commitment to growth, player experience and remaining competitive in such a strong market.

In a statement to the press, Timo Thronicke, Videoslots’ Head of Casino, said, “We are thrilled to have reached the 6,000th game milestone, which once again showcases our commitment to providing the most comprehensive games offering for players.”

Thronicke also commended his team for adding an astounding 1,000 slot titles to their offerings in such a short period of time. Many casinos would try to take shortcuts or add low-quality titles to inflate their numbers, but not Videoslots. In a true showing of their commitment to their players, they work tirelessly to curate only the best, most exciting games. This is proven by their recent successful integrations with up-and-coming slot studios like BB Games and Lady Luck Games.

Timo Thronicke praised not only his team but Play’n GO as well. “This achievement is made even more special by the fact that our 6,000th game launch has come courtesy of a title developed by Play’n GO, a trusted partner of Videoslots.”

The Challenges of Choice

Videoslots clearly doesn’t believe in the adage, “too much of a good thing.” With such an enormous library of games, players could feel overwhelmed. The sheer number of titles available means players could spend hours simply browsing without selecting a game. Since the point of an online casino is relaxing and having fun, Videoslots has to help its players find a great match quickly.

They understand the importance of helping match players to suitable games. The Videoslots site has filters and features that can help players narrow down their choices. Additionally, if players start with a game they’re familiar with, Videoslots offers related titles based on their selection. This cuts down the possibility of choice paralysis and proves that they care about their customers.

About was founded by a group of Swedish casino enthusiasts who wanted to make a better gaming experience. What began as a small venture with a handful of suppliers grew into an industry behemoth.

They have partnerships with all of the biggest and best game developers in the online casino sphere. Players can find games from NetEnt, Play’n GO, Microgaming, Betsoft, Yggdrasil and more. Their portfolio is so vast that anyone can find the perfect set of games to suit their personal tastes. Despite already leading the industry in offerings, they show no signs of slowing down.