Virtual Reality Poker Set To Boost Online Casino Offerings

Virtual Reality Poker Set To Boost Online Casino Offerings ( Click to Enlarge )

Virtual reality poker is set to be the new biggest trend in online gambling. Poker has always been one of the most popular games in physical casinos and it enjoys widespread popular appeal. Nearly all online casinos offer a wide variety of poker games to play.

However, in recent years, online casinos have become much more mobile focused and poker hasn’t translated well into this new arena. There is too much going on in a poker game for all the information to be easily displayed on a mobile screen.

In late 2018, however, Pokerstars released the first VR poker game and this was then quickly followed by PokeVR. As we move into 2019 and beyond, VR poker and other games are set to grow exponentially.

The Introduction Of VR

The casino industry is one that has thrived through constant evolution. Once upon a time casinos were all physical buildings – places where you would play cards. Slot machines and other electronic games gave gamblers a wider variety of choice in how they spent their money and kept them coming back for more.

Then things moved online, and improved graphics, a bigger selection of games, and the chance to play live cards all became available from the comfort of your own home. Then online casinos moved from computers to smartphones. Now, things are changing yet again. The introduction of virtual reality offers punters a new and unique experience.

The benefit for online casinos is that you can play your favourite games without having to go anywhere. As casinos slowly adapt their websites to incorporate virtual reality, they will not only be able to offer the same games as their physical counterparts but also the same immersive experience.

Playing VR poker will allow players to look around the table and see which players are placing bets after each hand, allowing them much more of a real life experience.

Other VR Development

Poker is set to benefit most from VR, but other games are already being adapted too, including slots, blackjack and roulette. With the first VR poker games now available, you can be sure that in the months ahead many more will begin to appear. It is also likely that casinos will promote these new products with exciting bonuses to entice players into trying these new formats, so keep an eye out for those.