Wazdan Portfolio Added to SkillOnNet Offering

Wazdan Portfolio Added to SkillOnNet Offering ( Click to Enlarge )

A new deal has seen SkillOnNet beef up their online casino software portfolio by incorporating games from provider Wazdan. This is a win-win deal for everyone, including the players, as both companies get something substantial from this arrangement that will give players an easier time getting in on the action with a wider range of titles.

SkillOnNet Inks Distribution Deal With Wazdan

In the online casino software sector, there’s a lot to be said about the business deals that happen seemingly every week but certainly at least every month. We see different providers make strategic arrangements to either increase the number of high-quality games that are available through their software platforms or to increase the reach that their developed games have.

This newly inked deal between SkillOnNet and Wazdan benefits both companies along these same lines.

There’s a lot to be said for giving players access to more high-end games, and that’s exactly what’s happening as a result of this agreement as well. We’re going to break down what’s happening here, who really wins in this scenario and what players can expect moving forward.

Deals on This Distribution Agreement

There are two main aspects to this deal that players should know about:

  1. SkillOnNet will be getting a lot of additional, high-quality games to add to their online casino platform.
  2. Wazdan will increase their reach and get their titles in front of more players than ever before.

Both companies have tremendous reputations, and when two great entities like this come together to form an agreement to cooperate, it’s always going to work out well for both of them.

This agreement is going to include all of the top titles and latest releases from Wazdan, and that includes big names like Magic Stars 3 and 9 Lions. It also includes future releases that may or may not have been started in development yet or announced to the public.

The fact of the matter is that both companies are going to get a lot from this, but neither of them are ultimately the biggest winner as a result of this deal.

The Players Are the Big Winners

In deals like this one, it can be easy to miss out on the fact that it’s ultimately the players who get the most out of it. For companies like Wazdan and SkillOnNet, they’ve had tons of deals like this before, and they’ll have other distribution deals along similar lines in the future.

However, when players get a chance to have better access to a larger range of top-tier games all in the same play, they win bigger than anyone.

This is ultimately what it comes down to for everyone involved because when the players get something that’s in their best interests along these lines, that’s the basis for the deal happening in the first place.

About These Companies

SkillOnNet is known primarily for cultivating and maintaining a tremendous online casino software platform. This includes plenty of games that they have developed in-house, but it also includes a variety of titles produced through a number of their software partners. Wazdan was the latest to join this number.

Wazdan Games is a software developer in the online casino space that focuses primarily on slots. They’ve been around for over a decade, and in that time, they’ve built a team of dozens of people who put together some of the best games that players have to offer. Add this to SkillOnNet’s wide distribution, and you get a tremendous business deal.

The combination of these two companies working together gives players exactly what they want: easy access to some of the top games available in the industry. Considering that casinos that operate using SkillOnNet’s platform are also known for their promotions, bonuses and other deals, it’s the kind of thing where players will have a hard time going wrong with what they are bringing to the table.