Wazdan Steals the Show at ICE With Seven New Online Slots

Wazdan Steals the Show at ICE With Seven New Online Slots ( Click to Enlarge )

ICE is the biggest online casino trade event of the year, and Wazdan stole the show by debuting no fewer than seven different online slots that they are adding to their portfolio. This is faster than their release schedule’s already unusually quick pace of about two games each month.

Wazdan Takes the Limelight at ICE

ICE is the International Casino Expo, and it happens in the first quarter of each year, usually in early February. The event wrapped up earlier this month, and it was a time for online casino game developer Wazdan to shine.

They stole the show for sure, and they did it by announcing seven new online titles that include the following:

  • Gold Fish
  • Magic Stars 5
  • Magic Stars 6
  • Space Gem
  • Larry the Leprechaun
  • Lucky Reels
  • Juicy Reels

Each of these games has something new and fresh to offer, but dropping seven titles at one time is a bit much to any player. In fact, it may be difficult to get to them all before they drop even more new games, but that’s the kind of problem that players love to have when it comes to high-quality content.

Quality and Quantity

Wazdan is known for two things. First, they have a reputation for putting out pretty high-quality games that are consistent in how well they handle both their visual appeal and the gameplay side of things. Second, they put out quite a few titles each year with an average of about two per month or around 25 per year.

What you can gather from this is that they’re not just releasing seven games at once as some kind of shallow publicity stunt. These titles really have something to offer for players, and there’s a level of depth to each one of them that would make them fine options for individual release.

Space Gem is the Real Gem of the Bunch

While players have plenty of reasons to get excited about all of these releases, they made a point to put Space Gem in the spotlight as much as possible as being the sort of flagship release, for lack of a better phrase, of the bunch. It’s based on a space theme where you’ll collect gems and make your way through the galaxy while you try to trigger a variety of features based on wilds and getting free re-spins for better chances to come out as a winner.

Mobile Compatibility

Another important point we want to make about this batch release is that all of these titles are designed to work well with mobile devices. Players with smartphones and tablets alike will have no problem checking out their whole selection of HTML5 titles, but each of these seven, including the very attractive Space Gem, run straight from your web browser in your favorite online casino to offer a way to play fresh, popular titles like these while you’re out and about as long as you have a connection.

About This Developer

Wazdan is the real deal when it comes to software developers in the online casino industry. They focus primarily on slots, and with such an aggressive release schedule, it’s clear that they have a lot of games to offer, and those games have a lot of depth on an individual level.

What’s also cool about them is that they turn out some pretty sizable winners on a regular basis because their games are so popular. The week before the big release of these seven titles, for example, a lucky fan was able to take down more than €90k on a win on their Great Book of Magic Deluxe slot. This is a fairly recent release as well, and it’s proving to be one of their most popular titles.