Why Online Gambling Thrived Throughout 2018

Why Online Gambling Thrived Throughout 2018 ( Click to Enlarge )

In the last decade or so, online gambling has become the figurehead of the gambling world. Estimates suggest that global online gambling is set to be worth a staggering $74 billion by 2023, though some experts believe this figure could end up being even higher.

But why exactly is online gambling so popular all around the world, and why should 2018 be regarded as a year of widespread successes?

Technology Advances

The increased power of technology – with particular reference to laptops and handheld devices – has given people the ability to gamble on innumerable markets, wherever they happen to be in the world.

And this is something that more and more countries are starting to realise, and more and more people want access to.

Bonus Of US Softening

Perhaps the greatest example of this in 2018 was the United States of America, which took huge strides in legalising gambling across the country. Previously, the USA has been somewhat behind other Western countries. However, following widespread pressure from numerous states – most notably New Jersey – all 50 states now have the capacity to legalise sports betting in their locality.

Though not all states have yet introduced sports betting operations, 2018 will certainly be regarded as a major milestone in the country’s gambling evolution.

Improved Regulation

Another huge story from 2018 is that many countries, such as Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK have been incredibly successful in terms of tackling illegitimate online gambling. This is an incredibly beneficial state of affairs, because it shows that countries are taking huge steps to make online gambling a much more legitimate sector. In previous years, the industry has been hit with numerous scandals and allegations, and these major crackdowns will only help bolster the sector’s global reputation.

Constant Innovation Drive

Another huge benefit associated with online gambling is that there are always new games being created. Online gambling firms are always competing with rival operations, and that means they are incentivised to create new games to try and attract new customers. If you’re looking for something interesting and unique, there will always be something just waiting to be found.

Although this benefit is not particularly 2018-centric, it is most certainly true. Over the last 12 months, major firms such as Ladbrokes, William Hill and Bet365 have spent huge amounts of money developing and subsequently promoting new games, all of which are helping to showcase the online gambling’s sector focus on evolution and innovation.