Wild-o-Tron 3000 New Retro Sci-fi Slot from Net Entertainment

Wild-o-Tron 3000 New Retro Sci-fi Slot from Net Entertainment ( Click to Enlarge )

The latest release from Net Entertainment looks to be the one that they will use to cap off the end of the year, and it comes in the form of the Wild-o-Tron 3000 online slot. This sci-fi video slot features chances to get up to six stacked wilds available on five reels all at the same time. It will be available on the best NetEnt casinos any day now.

A Robotic Sci-fi Adventure

In the Wild-o-Tron 3000 video slot, you’ll see different sets of robot symbols stacked on the reels. Every single symbol appears stacked, except for the wild symbols, because they’re all made up of three-section robots. Each robot has a head, a torso element and a set of feet or wheels that it uses to get around.

You can tell the robots apart by their color, but NetEnt did something pretty clever with this. The value of the robots are higher for the brighter colors and lower for the darker colors. Along with this, the brighter, higher-value robots have a much more modern look to them, and on the lower end, they look like something that would have been created in a junk yard as a part of a science project.

The Wild-o-Tron Feature – Multiple Stacked Wilds

This game revolves almost entirely around the Wild-o-Tron feature, which is obviously where the name of the game comes from in the first place. The way this works is that it’s triggered at random on any given turn, and when it activates, you’ll see colors light up on the display to the right-hand side of the screen.

Those colors (ranging from one to six of them) correspond to the colors of the robots that will then be turned into wild symbols for that turn. Since the robot symbols always appear stacked, you’re essentially adding anywhere from one to six different stacked wild symbols to the game board. You don’t need us to tell you know much value that adds to the spin.

Balanced Payouts in a Sci-fi Slot Environment

The volatility of NetEnt’s Wild-o-Tron 3000 game is pretty reasonable in spite of the huge amount of value that’s tied up in the Wild-o-Tron bonus feature itself. This is because the rest of the pay table is balanced out with a lot of mid-level wins. The wild symbol gives 500x for five of a kind, for example, as the best win available on one of the 20 paylines.

However, there’s not a huge drop-off to the next tier of payouts with wins at 300x, 120x and 100x also available for five of a kind combinations for the top three robots. The rest of the pay table tapers off pretty well also, and this contributes to the reasonable level of volatility that comes along with this game.

Ending the Year on a Strong Note

A pattern that we’ve seen from Net Entertainment each year is that they close out late November and December with a solid slot release or two, and this gives them some momentum pushing into the New Year. They often start off January and February with a bang to keep that momentum going with some new announcements at industry trade shows along with new releases, so don’t expect them to slow down just because 2018 is coming to an end.