Will Google Stadia And VR Take Online Casinos To Another Level?

Will Google Stadia And VR Take Online Casinos To Another Level? ( Click to Enlarge )

Online casinos can now offer the user a first-class experience when playing the game of their choice. From live roulette to blackjack, players can experience all the thrills and fun of brick-and-mortar casino lobbies almost as if they were there in person. Of course, they’re not, but advances in virtual reality technology and the arrival of Google Stadia could be about to change that and take the online casino experience to another dimension.

What Is Google Stadia?

If online casinos choose to take advantage of Google Stadia, then things could get really exciting real quick.

The new cloud gaming service doesn’t need a console, it just needs a handset and is anticipated to be able to stream video games at 60 frames per second with 4K resolution. Just imagine the potential of Google Stadia for online casino games.

Visuals and speeds could combine to create an interactive experience like never before.

The world waits to see how online casinos will make use of this new technology.

Which Casino Games Might Benefit?

While many online casinos already offer engaging live dealer sections, improved computing power could support advanced graphics. As such, social games like bingo and poker would be boosted the most by Stadia. Although we need to wait and see how Stadia performs once it’s released in November, the games themselves are expected to be enhanced to suit customers’ expectations.

The Future Is Bright

It is not really a case of if virtual reality and Google Stadia in online casinos takes off, but when. VR casino games are still in their experimental phase and Google Stadia has yet to be launched, but no online casino will want to be left out of the loop.

As long as customers have the right equipment and hardware, such as a VR headset or Google Stadia handset, then nothing will stand in the way of virtual reality and Google’s latest device reshaping online casinos into an immersive and sensory experience like no other.