Will VR Revolutionise Online Casinos?

Will VR Revolutionise Online Casinos? ( Click to Enlarge )

Online gambling is already a billion-dollar empire, with players keen to access the best quality gaming facilities on their smartphones or tablets. As technology has evolved, developers have been quick to embrace the latest innovations to enhance the experience even further.

Communal Play

Whilst some players prefer high-def graphics and fast gameplay, others prefer to combine these features with a more communal aspect. Indeed, many online casinos host virtual tournaments for precisely this reason.

Although VR, or virtual reality, has been in the pipeline for some time, it has yet to find a core mainstream audience. Until now, that is.

As reported by TechGenyz, VR could be the ultimate way of combining online convenience and comfort with communal casino access.

When engaging in online casino games using a VR headset, players could gain access to the one feature that is currently missing, company.

Whether it’s the camaraderie, companionship or competition which players enjoy, gambling alongside other people and engaging with them is arguably the one real-life feature software developers have yet to accurately recreate.

Could Online Casinos Hit The Jackpot With VR?

Although many online casinos already allow gamers to interact via text chats and some have even elevated to voice chats, this has been one area which has been subject to a somewhat limited evolution thus far.

With virtual reality, however, the decadent world of bricks and mortar casinos could truly be brought to the player.

No matter where you are, a virtual reality headset would enable you to play roulette in a Las Vegas casino, roll the dice in Monte Carlo or spin the slots on Paradise Island.


As well as giving players access to a tantalisingly realistic casino environment, VR also has the potential to enable players to interact with one another more effectively.

Whether developers choose to use avatars or personalised images, players could engage with each other in real-time and with increased realism, particularly when compared to the limited text or voice chats currently available.

As online casinos continue to look for ways to enhance the gaming experience, VR may be the next big thing in the world of online gambling.