WinADay Pays Out $188,597 Progressive on Enchanted Gems Slot

WinADay Pays Out $188,597 Progressive on Enchanted Gems Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

The Enchanted Gems progressive slot paid out $188,597 recently at WinADay Casino. This marks the second time this year that this casino has paid out a six-figure prize on this exact same jackpot, and it goes to show that they are serious about giving players major opportunities to take down life-changing sums of money.

In the Mix With Enchanted Gems

Enchanted Gems is a really popular slot at WinADay Casino. Lots of players get in on the action with this game on a regular basis to try to take down the linked progressive jackpot that regularly pays out in the low-to-mid six-figure range.

This prize paid out recently at $188,597, and the lucky winner was a woman named Kelly S. who works as a chef.

This win is a part of a pattern that we have seen this year with WinADay players taking down some serious prizes, and their games have been hot for quite some time with having paid out tremendous wins at a variety of levels for several months now. In fact, these wins go all the way back to January where they paid out a massive prize on the same jackpot.

The WinADay Linked Jackpot

One of the reasons why this jackpot can get so huge is that WinADay Casino has several online slots that are linked together to the same top prize. This includes titles like Castle Siege, Gangster Affair, Olympus and Amore.

The way these games are all linked to the same huge jackpot gives players more opportunities to win big payouts on a wider range of titles instead of being restricted to an individual game or two that they may not actually be fond of.

We really like how WinADay Casino handles this as a part of the small, select group of sites that use the Slotland proprietary software. They definitely have a different selection of titles to pick from than what you find virtually anywhere else, and they pool proceeds from several of their games into the same progressive jackpot so that everyone playing from that selection has a chance to change their lives with a massive win.

About the Winner

The big winner of this jackpot is Kelly S., a woman who works as a chef. She said that this win has padded her savings account quite a bit, and she plans on using the money to go on a vacation and to get herself into a house with a larger yard and kitchen.

Something interesting about Kelly’s experience is that she previously lived in Atlantic City where she was able to play slots whenever she wanted, but she eventually moved to a place without any brick and mortar casinos. This led her to playing online with WinADay, and we can see that this decision definitely paid off.

What Enchanted Gems Brings to the Table

The Enchanted Gems video slot is one of the most popular games at WinADay Casino, and a big part of that is that it’s tied into their big progressive jackpot. It also offers 25 paylines of action within a fairy tale type of theme. With three different bonus features, players can really tell that action is the name of the game, but the volatility and payout rate are reasonable enough that it offers a relaxing experience as well.

Bonus Opportunity

To help celebrate this big win, they’re giving away a bonus option. You can use the JACKPOTGEM bonus code once daily from October 8 through October 15, 2019 to get a 75 percent match bonus.

We really like that they’re celebrating along with Kelly by offering all players a chance to get something extra from their play with this bonus offer, and we’re excited to see who takes down this big jackpot next.