Yggdrasil Gaming Expands in Italy With Planetwin365 and SKS365

Yggdrasil Gaming Expands in Italy With Planetwin365 and SKS365 ( Click to Enlarge )

The newest expansion from Yggdrasil Gaming is coming in Italy. This is thanks to their new deal with SKS365 and their brand Planetwin365. As a result of this deal, Italian players will have even more opportunities to enjoy top-tier games.

SKS365 Inks Yggdrasil Gaming Deal for Planetwin365 Brand

As players well know, the online gambling industry is set up to be centered around individual jurisdictions. Each country, state or province is set up to regulate the industry within their own borders. This creates a situation where software companies have to strategically work to get into those individual jurisdictions.

A good example of this is Yggdrasil Gaming recently gaining more ground in Italy. This has come with a deal to offer games at Planetwin365, a brand operated by SKS365.

The result of this deal is pretty important for both companies. That’s because it creates a win-win situation between both of them where they both gain. However, what’s more important than that is that the players gain as well. We’ll get into why that is and how that works down below, but suffice to say that this is great news for Italian online casino fans.

Initial Integration and Game Selection

There are two phases for game integration set up currently, and more could follow after that. The first stage will have 24 games from Yggdrasil’s selection of titles added at Planetwin365. This initial release includes popular titles like All Star Knockout, Golden Fish Tank, Easter Island and Vikings Go Wild. It’s critical to point out that this includes games produced by Yggdrasil themselves as well as titles they use through their YG Masters program.

The second phase will have another 15 titles added. Those games have not been announced, but we imagine that they are some of their most popular as well.

This is important for a few reasons. First, it gives Italian players more access to some very high-level content. Yggdrasil Gaming is known for putting out great titles for a reason. Second, it provides even more competition for other companies running games in the country. While the additional titles being added now gives players a plus in the present, this competition gives them a plus over the long run since it provides an upward pressure where everyone knows that they have to step their game up with the quality of their slots.

Yggdrasil Gaming’s Work

It’s no secret that Yggdrasil has been pushing for an Italian expansion. They initially got their feet wet in Italy back in 2017. Since then, they’ve been incrementally getting their games in front of more and more players. Content hosting and distribution deals like this one are the main way that this happens.

With this deal with SKS365, they’re getting their games in with a very popular Italian brand. Planetwin365 is particularly established, and they’ve been around quite a while. Players know the name, and they know that they have a great selection of top-level titles. This puts Yggdrasil in some great company. However, it also boosts the profile of Planetwin365 at the same time.

Where This is Going

If you’re a player from Italy, you’ll probably want to know where this is going. Here’s what we can tell you.

First off, Yggdrasil Gaming isn’t slowing down. They’re definitely going to push to get as many of their high-level games available for players as possible. If you’re hoping for most releases in the future past the initial 24, another 15 are already announced to be coming. However, more could be coming after that as well. We’ll just have to wait to hear the details.

Second, the brands operated by SKS365, including Planetwin365, are always pushing to give players more. It’s clear with this deal that this is exactly what they’re doing. We’ve also seen them push to get more high-end content from other providers. As a result, players get more and more to choose from.