Yggdrasil Poised to Enter Greek Market With Licensing Approval

Yggdrasil Poised to Enter Greek Market With Licensing Approval ( Click to Enlarge )

Online games publisher Yggdrasil is set to enter the Greek online gambling market. They have been granted a supplier license by the Hellenic Gaming Commission. This is an exciting opportunity both for Yggdrasil and Greek players.

Yggdrasil Awarded Entry to Greek Market by HGC

Yggdrasil has announced that they are set to enter the Greek online gambling market. The company was recently given a supplier license by the Hellenic Gaming Commission. This license allows Yggdrasil to launch its entire catalog of games in the Greek gaming market. Gaining this license is an important step for Yggdrasil because the country has recently revised its online gaming regulations.

In fact, being granted this license is a milestone achievement for Yggdrasil. They were able to obtain it so quickly thanks to their ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation status. This accreditation was acquired late last year. It proves that Yggdrasil is compliant with the most stringent standards of quality and ethics.

Yggdrasil’s Chief of Global Market Operations, Bjorn Krantz, commented, “To obtain the Greek license, and to capitalize on our ISO/IEC27001 accreditation is yet another milestone and achievement from the great team we have here at Yggdrasil.”

In the wake of this development, Yggdrasil has already brokered a number of partnership deals with Greek operators. They are currently keeping details close to the vest. However, more information about these deals will come over the next few months.

Krantz also said, “It goes without saying that Yggdrasil is yet again walking the talk, and we continue to deliver on our regulatory market strategy. We would like to thank all local partners for their support in making a difference with Yggdrasil and our best-in-class portfolio of innovative games in Greece.”

One More Notch in Yggdrasil’s Belt

Yggdrasil has a longstanding reputation for constantly pushing the envelope in the online gaming industry. Their premium game portfolio is full of outstanding and innovative titles. Their award-winning games are best in class. This could be used as a reason to slow down or rest in their success, but they never do. Yggdrasil is constantly looking for new ways to expand, innovate and provide more value to the online gambling industry.

Yggdrasil’s titles have a number of proprietary features that set their games apart. This includes the popular Game Engagement Mechanic (GEM). Additionally, their YG Masters program is unlike anything else in the business. With it, they put the authority and resources of their brand behind promising indie studios.

They have also created a new engine for YG Masters and their franchise partners. It utilizes their proprietary GATI technology to help these smaller partners grow. This Beyond Aggregation engine allows indie partners to accelerate global growth and reach. This gives up-and-coming studios a chance to reach their full potential, which improves the industry as a whole.

Yggdrasil is truly a unique force in the online gambling market. They are consistently innovating new and exciting features that players and operators can take advantage of. This includes their promotional tools like BOOST and network marketing campaigns. It also includes fresh mechanics like Splitz, MultiMax, Gigablox and GigaRise.

Greek Online Gambling Markets Are Finally Opening Up

Greece has a complicated relationship with online gambling. In 2002, the country banned all forms of online gaming, including chess and video games. They eased their position somewhat in 2011 and issued a few temporary licenses to select online gambling operators. This was primarily due to the economic crisis of 2008. Unfortunately, these temporary licenses did not offer a viable way for the market to grow or thrive.

However, in 2020, a draft for workable online gaming regulations was passed in Greece’s parliament. The Hellenic Gaming Commission now offers two types of licenses for online gaming. The first is specifically for online betting, and the second is for all other online gaming activities.

The Greek online gambling market is still under pretty strict regulations that are similar to UK rules. They also have a tight grip on acceptable advertising policies. However, the HGC has issued 15 permanent licenses as of July 2021. These are the first permanent licenses issued since the original 2002 ban on online gaming.

There are many critics of Greece’s policies surrounding online gambling. Most believe that they are setting the bar of entry prohibitively high for operators. However, as noteworthy names like Yggdrasil and others enter the market, the tides may change. Online casino revenues have been thriving, and they continued to rise during the pandemic.