Zombie Hoard Video Slot Released by Slingshot Studios on Quickfire

Zombie Hoard Video Slot Released by Slingshot Studios on Quickfire ( Click to Enlarge )

Microgaming Quickfire’s online casino platform has received its most recent addition, and it comes by way of Slingshot Studios with their Zombie Hoard video slot. The title is an obvious play on hoard and horde, and you’ll see times of zombies in the game along with some features that will make you want to hoard as many spins on this title as you can get your hands on.

The Zombie Hoard Slot Offers Brain-Munching Action

Popular software developer Microgaming has their Quickfire platform set up so that there are agreements to share content with plenty of third-party developers, some of which have exclusive distribution deals with Microgaming. Slingshot Studios has released their most recent title through this platform, and it comes in the form of Zombie Hoard.

Released earlier this month, the Zombie Hoard slot is a nine-payline title with a unique spin on the zombie apocalypse concept.

Visually, it looks like it was inspired to some degree by the incredibly popular casual game Plants vs. Zombies, but in terms of gameplay, it’s feature-driven on every level. That’s not surprising considering that this type of gameplay is characteristic of what Slingshot Studios has been bringing to the table since their deal with Microgaming first started.

Free Spins, Multipliers and More

On the third and fourth reels, players get something that will help them to get winning combinations that they otherwise wouldn’t get with a particular bend towards multi-line payouts. This comes thanks to super-stacked symbols that put you in a position where you can fill the entire reel (or even both reels) with a matching symbol.

Zombies are always after brains, but you’ll be the one looking for them in the Zombie Hoard online slot because they’re the key to the free spins bonus round. You can collect brain tokens as they appear on the screen, and once you’ve collected at least 30 of them, the counter will restart because the bonus mode is activated with the following specs:

  • Your total number of free spins is determined by how many tokens you have.
  • Your token counter is reset every time you reach at least 30, which activates the bonus round.
  • All payouts during the free spins mode are given a 2x multiplier, so they’re all twice the size that they normally would be.

It’s worth noting that the 2x multiplier works with every single payout in the game, and there are no winning combinations that are exempt from it.

A Zombie Trend Emerges

Something that we think is worth pointing out is that there has been a bit of a trend towards zombie-themed releases lately. We’re not sure if it’s coincidence since it’s not even close to Halloween, but Net Entertainment released their “Zombies” slot not that long ago, and SkillOnNet had Zombie Bar as well. On top of that, Blueprint Gaming actually did have a licensed Plants vs. Zombie release, so maybe all of this is in response to that one.

Slingshot Studios Bringing Quality Slots

We’ve been very pleased with the releases that Slingshot Studios has been bringing to the table. They seem to know exactly how to appeal to players with their offerings, and that has led them to tremendous success with their releases like the Zombie Hoard slot that have come through the Microgaming Quickfire platform.

The popularity of the developer always comes due to the popularity of their games, and with this new release, it’s pretty easy to see why they’ve been able to accumulate a hoard of fans in such a short period of time. Their games have awesome graphics with action-oriented gameplay that puts together a lot of features to keep players on their toes.