How to Find New Casino Games to Play

How to Find New Casino Games to Play

There are thousands of different casino games to choose from at some online casinos, so it can seem impossible to find new titles to play that you’ll actually like just by looking through what’s available. Here we show you how to use the games that you already know and love to figure out which new types of games to check out.

Surviving the Era of Mass Game Production

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, it was probably a lot easier to find casino games that you liked simply because there were so fewer titles to pick from. In the modern era of online casino play, however, you’re essentially flooded with tons of content that varies from mediocre to particularly high quality.

Having more to choose from sounds good on paper, but it leads to decision paralysis and the difficulty of sorting through it all.

Virtually all players have a set of games that they already like, but players would generally enjoy finding new casino games that fit what they like to have in their experience. Unfortunately, that can be nearly impossible to do just by looking around and browsing at random.

Instead, we’re going to show you how to break down exactly what it is that you love about the games you already play and how to use those criteria to find new titles to pick from.

For Those Who Love Table Games

To get started, we’re going to work our way through a few of the most popular table game genres of all time. If your favorites are found in this list, then we’ll show you exactly what to look for in other titles to make sure that they will be a great fit as well.

Roulette Fans Start Here

Roulette is the single most popular table game of all time that does not include cards. The reasons for this are really straightforward:

  • It’s easy to learn how to play. The rules are not complicated, and game rounds do not take very long at all.
  • The strategies involved are not difficult to learn because (in the European version) all bets have the same payout rate.
  • You can adjust your risk and reward accordingly by placing different kinds of bets.

In short, there’s a lot of flexibility, and the house edge (again, in the European version) is not high at all for a game that does not require any skill or practice whatsoever.

For people who really like roulette, our main recommendations are to try Baccarat and low-volatility online slots. We recommend Baccarat because the pace of the gameplay is about the same, and the strategies are easy to learn with a low house edge. We also recommend low-volatility online slots because of the game pacing and because of the chances of winning a variety of different sizes of prizes without the swings being too substantial.

If You Love Craps

Craps has a reputation for being a really complicated game, and for that reason, a lot of players are intimidated out of actually playing it. For those who have ventured to those tables, online or offline, and learned what it’s all about, you’ll see that it’s not actually that in-depth of a game once you see how it works.

Something about craps is that it’s best enjoyed as a group. Having everyone celebrating their wins together and cursing their losses is one of the reasons why it blew up to be such a popular title to begin with at land-based tables, and though the online world doesn’t have quite as much of a social element, you can see it in a big way at live dealer tables.

Along these lines, if you prefer craps and like the social element, we recommend live dealer casinos or online bingo.

Both of these will put you into a situation where you are talking with players from all over the world, and you’ll get to enjoy your game together while meeting new friends and carrying on relationships with people that like a lot of the same types of things in their online casino experience.

For Fans of Blackjack and Video Poker

If you’re a strategic player, then you’ll probably have already fallen in love with video poker and blackjack. These are known for generally being the most strategic games of any casino’s overall portfolio, and the amount of strategy and work that goes into them can vary from a minimal amount to a ton.

If you’re the type of player who enjoys the strategy but who doesn’t care for it being too in-depth, then we recommend Pontoon, Pai Gow Poker and Oasis Poker. All three of these games have a bit of strategy that’s important to know and engaging to use, but none of the three are overwhelming with it.

However, if you’re the type of player who really wants to jump into the deep end of the strategic pool, then you’ll want to move outside of what’s strictly considered the online casino space and consider poker or sports betting. Some people may be surprised at the recommendation of sports betting, but that’s a form of gambling where it’s definitely possible to come out ahead against the house if you have strategies that are superior the odds makers.

For Those Who Love Online Slots

If you’re an online slot fan, then it’s a little trickier to give recommendations for specific games because there are thousands of different games to pick from in the genre, so we can’t give a chart of, “If you like X game, then try Y game.”

Instead, we’re going to break down some of the things to look for in the games you like (patterns, etc.) and then use those to find other titles that match up in terms of the types of things you are likely to enjoy.

The Volatility Issue

A lot of players would expect us to look at the themes or features of games first, but we’re going to look at something much more fundamental: volatility. The volatility of a slot basically determines how bad your swings can get, and you can determine that through a variety of ways:

  • Some games will simply list the volatility levels relative to other titles from the same portfolio in their pay tables.
  • Slots with progressive jackpots almost always have a very high volatility.
  • The higher the hit-rate for a game, the lower the volatility.
  • If a game focuses on a lot of smaller and mid-tier wins, then it will usually have a low volatility.

The reason why we’re pointing this out first is that many players have no idea that they prefer how a game plays because of its volatility levels. To see if this is a factor for you, take a look at your favorite four or five slots, and see if you can approximate their volatility levels. If you see a clear pattern, then you can use that information to help find other games with a similar level of volatility that you’ll be more likely to love.

Themes and Graphical Styles

Once again, if you take a look at your four or five top picks, you may or may not see a pattern when it comes to the overall themes of those games. If you do, then that’s great news and can help you a lot, but that may not be the case.

However, what you will almost certainly see is a pattern in the graphical style.

Some players care a lot about the style of graphics that a game uses, and others care more about the gameplay style and features. You may not know right off hand which you are, but if you look at the types of graphics used in your favorite few games, then it will tell the story for you.

This is one more piece of information that you can use to find other slots that you enjoy.

Feature Sets and Gameplay Styles

There are three major gameplay styles in the online slots world. There are payline-based games, all ways games or cluster/line-matching games. Almost all players will have a strong preference for one of these three, and at the very least, they’ll know that one of these is their least favorite.

Something you can take into consideration with this as the context is that there are also different kinds of feature sets available. For example, some players really can’t stand free spins modes because of how common they are. On the other hand, some players really enjoy the action of avalanche or “Rolling Reels” styles of play where you get extra opportunities to pick up wins.

Once again, you’ll want to spot the patterns in your favorite games and then use those to extrapolate to new titles in the slots section of your favorite online casino.


For better or worse, there is no magic button that you can push that will just magically tell you another game that you’ll love every single time that you press the button. However, if you follow the advice and recommendations that we have given above, you can get pretty close to that.

The key to all of this is looking at what you currently like and expanding the patterns you see in that to other games that include those patterns. This is the fastest way to find new games that you will have a very high chance of enjoying, and that’s why we recommend this approach.