Cardbit offers online casino-goers an alternative to traditional e-wallets or top-up cards, in the form of an entirely secure cryptocurrency-only wallet. With crypto an increasingly popular payment option for use on online casinos, Cardbit is one of the latest brands to take advantage of the anonymity and practicality that crypto has to offer. Learn all about this payment method here and compare the best Cardbit casinos below.

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Cardbit overview

Estonia-based Cardbit, under company name Cardbit OU, is designed first and foremost to act as a one-stop-shop to buy and sell bitcoin, using an exclusive prepaid Visa card to facilitate the process. While the Cardbit brand isn’t so much centred around its use for online casinos, this payment method is growing in popularity as an alternative to more traditional payment options.

With full licensing to provide a virtual wallet, as well as to exchange virtual currency, Cardbit is the complete package when it comes to cryptocurrency e-wallets, and partnerships with Visa, Mastercard and PCI help to confirm their legitimacy. They may be newcomers to the world of online casinos, but it’s like Cardbit will continue to expand into the market over time.

Creating a Cardbit account

As a go-between tool for casino users wanting to pay with cryptocurrency, Cardbit requires you to create an account to access their complete services. Luckily, it’s quick and convenient to open an account. All you’ll need to provide are a few key details, including your full name and email, plus verifying your identity.

Once that process is complete, you have access to all Cardbit has to offer, including selling and buying bitcoin, selling bitcoin to your withdrawal method, and purchasing prepaid cards. While the average punter may not use some functionalities, the added extras they offer may be a valuable addition to anyone interested in cryptocurrency.

Online deposits and withdrawals with Cardbit

As we touched on above, Cardbit primarily acts as a go-between for your bank account on an online casino platform – increasing security by ensuring the two never directly meet. You select Cardbit as your deposit method, with cryptocurrency as your payment type, on your choice of casino. Once you’ve done that, Cardbit can either use existing crypto funds within your e-wallet or transfer and convert funds from your bank account into crypto for payment.

While little information is provided about withdrawals with Cardbit, we can assume it works similarly – in that you withdraw funds in crypto form, which can then, in turn, be withdrawn from your Cardbit account into a standard monetary format for your bank account. As Cardbit is still very much in the early stages when it comes to casino acceptance, most platforms only seem to offer deposits for this payment option, with no opportunity for withdrawal.


  • Security: You don’t get much safer than cryptocurrency, and with a fully regulated and licensed cryptocurrency e-wallet between your accounts and your online casino payment method, you can ensure both safety and anonymity when you choose Cardbit to make a deposit.
  • Functionality: Cardbit isn’t exclusively designed for casino usage, which makes it a multi-functional e-wallet platform with more than one use – making it a great option to sign up for over one-trick payment methods on the market.
  • Simplicity: If you specifically use crypto for online gambling, Cardbit is as convenient and straightforward as you can get when it comes to buying and selling bitcoin.


  • Availability: As a newcomer to the online casino scene, Cardbit isn’t a widely used payment method, which means you may struggle to find online casinos that support this particular option for payment.
  • Unfocused: While it’s a plus that Cardbit is multi-functional, its use as a casino payment method isn’t mentioned anywhere on their website – which means there’s no direct guidance and FAQs available to help you get to grips with Cardbit for casinos.
  • Currencies: Cardbit is all cryptocurrency, all the time, with no exceptions – so if you’re looking for a payment method that supports multiple different currencies or types of payment, you won’t find that functionality here.


Cardbit stresses that it’s a security first platform, but what does that mean? With PCI DSS compliance, 2-factor authentication and 3-D Secure, Cardbit is as safe and secure as many mainstream banking apps. Credit and debit card data is also never stored, ensuring the anonymity and safety you’re looking for to safely make deposits in online casinos.


Cryptocurrency is a universal form of digital cash, so there’s no problem there when it comes to location-based currency. But when it comes to buying Bitcoin, Cardbit deals solely in Euros, which won’t suit many online casino players. While they do support the use of their services in the majority of countries, there is a relatively long list of restricted locations. These include Japan, Iceland, Korea, Syria, Lebanon and more.


If you’ve run into problems with Cardbit, the platform does offer dedicated online support by way of tickets. You can also get in touch with their team directly via email, contact form or even by phone from their Estonian HQ. FAQs are also available, though they aren’t exhaustive by any means, and there’s no mention of casinos anywhere on the Cardbit platform.

About Cardbit

Cardbit OU is an Estonian licensed virtual currency exchange and virtual wallet service, founded in 2018. Created by industry professionals, to provide fast and convenient access to Bitcoin, the primary features of the Cardbit solution are Bitcoin-EUR exchanges as well as providing API support for other businesses to use their services. Casino deposits and withdrawals don’t seem to be a significant part of the company’s business model. However, their service is already adopted by a few different online casinos around the globe.


Can I used Cardbit to deposit cryptocurrency at a casino?

Yes – Cardbit is exclusively designed to allow the conversion of Euros into Bitcoin, which means you can quickly and easily deposit cryptocurrency onto your account in any supported casino.

Why choose Cardbit over other payment methods?

If you like the idea of cryptocurrency and want to use it for deposits at online casinos, Cardbit can be a good option. In the cryptocurrency space there are many unregulated and untrustworthy companies operating, but Cardbit should be safer due to being regulated and working with multiple industry giants.

Cardbit also allows you to deposit money into any online casino site safely by acting as a buffer between your bank and the casino operator. The casino will not know any details about how you funded the transaction.

Can I make a withdrawal with Cardbit?

Not enough information is currently known about Cardbit as a casino payment option to understand if you can use it as a withdrawal method for gambling. However, it is accepted as a deposit method for multiple online casinos. So it may be worth contacting the casino of your choice directly to find out if they can offer this service.

Which online casinos accept Cardbit?

Use the list of Cardbit casinos to see all online casinos that accept Cardbit payments. We filter the casino top list to only show Cardbit casinos that accept players from your location.