A straightforward yet effective method of payment, Cashlib involves using a pre-paid voucher in order to pay for goods, casino deposits or services online. Rather than make a transfer from a bank or credit card, users can purchase Cashlib vouchers in advance, then use them as a versatile cash alternative at any site or casino that will accept them.

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Cashlib is one of a suite of products offered by EMP Services SA, a company based in Luxembourg. Cashlib vouchers can be purchased from online providers as well as at a number of real-life venues across the country.

As well as being ideal for Cashlib casinos, the vouchers can also be used to purchase financial products (including bitcoin) and a few online retailers.

One of a number of different cashless methods of depositing or paying money, the service is a great alternative for anyone that doesn’t want to make gaming deposits or similar using their personal banking information.

How To Create An Account?

An account isn’t actually required, as Cashlib is a voucher system rather than an electronic account of similar. In the first instance, users will need to buy a Cashlib voucher.

Vouchers can be purchased either online, through the website, or in real life at a number of garages, service stations, shops and similar facilities scattered across the UK and other countries where Cashlib is available.

To purchase online:

1. Go to
2. Pick the denomination that you want. Currently voucher denominations of £10; £25; £50; £100; and £200.
3. Sign up to In the first instance, this involves leaving an email address and a password.
4. Validate your email address, then begin shopping for your vouchers.

Once you are registered with, you can purchase vouchers whenever you wish, as well as the other products available on the site. To purchase in real life, simply go to your nearest Cashlib sales point and obtain your voucher code.

With the voucher code, you are then able to make your deposit.

Making A Deposit

Making a deposit is fast, extremely safe and normally free from any administrative charges a casino might levy (although note that Cashlib incurs an administration fee when purchased).

To deposit the voucher, first, check for casinos that accept it. There are currently around 120 casinos which serve UK customers which also accept Cashlib, so there are a fair few to choose from.

Once you’ve identified that the casino does accept this method of payment, it’s usually a case of clicking on the relevant payment method and inputting the unique voucher code when requested. This triggers Cashlib to release the cash, ensuring that payment to your account is almost instant.

Once the voucher code has been inputted and payment triggered, the system will not recognise it and pay out on it again. This makes it an incredibly secure system, with the chances of unauthorised code reuse being successful extremely low.

Cashlib is extremely easy to use and particularly suitable for people who don’t have, or who don’t want, to use bank transfers or other electronic cash transfer methods to pay for their online entertainment.

Making A Withdrawal

A significant disadvantage of the service is that it can’t be used as a withdrawal method. Cashlib can only be used to deposit money.


In comparison with other deposit options, Cashlib has a number of benefits. Some of these include:

1. Cashlib does not require bank details to be transferred to a casino. In addition, it can be paid for in cash at a real-life outlet, making it ideal for people without bank accounts or those who prefer to deal in cash.
2. Particularly when it comes to gambling online, many people prefer to set a limit on the amount they use on their online entertainment. Cashlib makes it easy to do this for several reasons, not only does buying more vouchers provide a natural break in play which can give important time for reflection, there are also limits on the amount of vouchers which can be purchased in one go (a maximum of 5, which equates to a maximum of £1000).
3. Cashlib is extremely safe, once the code has been entered and verified, the system will automatically not recognise it again.


1. The service is only available to buy online in 25 countries. In addition, only a few of those actually have real-life facilities where you can buy the Cashlib vouchers. There are facilities in the UK, but not everyone will live near enough to take advantage of them.
2. The two-step process required to make a deposit (purchasing the voucher and then making the deposit) can feel quite cumbersome and “old school”.
3. Some people may find the restrictions on voucher numbers frustrating.
4. The system can only be used for deposits, not withdrawals. This means in many cases customers will still have to leave their bank details with the casino in order for their winnings to be paid out.
5. Although there is still a wide choice, Cashlib is still accepted by relatively few casinos.


The service is extremely secure: not only is it not necessary to transmit bank or credit card data electronically, the one use nature of the code minimises the risk of fraud or unauthorised use.


Vouchers can be bought online in twenty-five different countries. Countries which have the facilities for customers to buy Cashlib in a real-life environment are currently, UK; Greece; France; Belgium; Holland; and Canada.


Support is quite limited for any problems which people may encounter. The Cashlib site itself doesn’t have contact information, whilst has an online contact form for customers to contact them about any difficulties they may have when purchasing vouchers.

Parent Company

Cashlib went live in 2015, a product of EmpCorp. EmpCorp is a Luxembourg company which specialises in technologically advanced e-payment solutions.


What are the limits?

Customers may purchase up to five vouchers at a time, giving a total single transaction value of £1000. Vouchers need not be used all at once and can be used to fund different things with different providers, even if they were all bought at the same time.

Can I use cash to buy Cashlib?

Yes! If you purchase Cashlib in real life then it’s possible to use cash to pay for it. Online, however, some form of electronically transferable payment will be needed.

Are there fees?

Most of the casinos which accept Cashlib don’t charge an additional fee. That said, customers should be aware that the service attracts an administration fee when it’s purchased. This is currently 90p for £10 and £25 vouchers, then £1.00 for £50, £100 and £200 vouchers.

Which casinos accept Cashlib?

There are currently around 120 online casinos which accept Cashlib. If you wish to use this as your deposit method, it’s usually best to check on the site payment options first to see if Cashlib can be utilised. It’s not as commonly accepted as credit cards or bank transfers, but it’s still usually possible to find a casino you like which uses this payment method.

Which online casinos accept CASHlib?

Use the list of CASHlib casinos to see all online casinos that accept CASHlib payments. We filter the casino top list to only show CASHlib casinos that accept players from your location.