Citibank is a long-established banking service that provides a number of banking products to its customers. The Citibank brand serves over 100 million customers across 40 countries, making it one of the biggest banking services in the world. The bank was founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, it now has a strong presence across the states and countries such as Mexico, Poland, Russia and India. Citibank is a trusted banking institution where users can make safe online payments and online casino deposits across many countries.

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Citibank offers an assortment of banking services, including credit/debit cards and many other variations of bank accounts. The American banking service is widely used across North America and many other countries. This banking provider is widely accepted around the world for online payments and casino deposits. The bank makes it easy and convenient for users to transfer money from one place to another in a highly secure environment.


You can claim a multitude of different bonus offers using the Citibank casino deposit method. These bonuses range from first deposit offers, match bonuses, free spins and everything in between. You should always check the bonus terms and conditions before committing to a bonus offer. The process of sending over a Citibank bank transfer to make a deposit is different from making an instant deposit through a bank card or eWallet account. As the process is not instant and it requires the payments team on the casino side to process the deposit once the money reaches the casino’s bank, the deposit bonus will not be credited until the deposit is processed and in your real money balance. But you will still be able to claim bonuses regardless of the deposit processing time.


There are some solid advantages to using Citibank bank transfer as your deposit method. The payment option is very secure, easy to follow and widely available. Let’s take a look at some of the top perks to using this banking option as your choice of deposit.

Security: The bank transfer method is very secure as users do not need to share their sensitive payment details with the merchant. This prevents the chance of any data being stolen when you make online payments and deposits.

Low fees: This is a very cheap payment solution so there are no fees involved from the banking provider. The transfer is direct from your bank to the casino since there is no third-party payment gateway involved in the process.

User experience: Citibank offers excellent mobile banking control, so you stay on top of payments while you’re on the move. What’s more, the online banking portal makes it easy for you to control your finances and stay on top of your banking.


There are some setbacks to using the Citibank transfer method. The perks certainly beat the drawbacks but there are some things to be aware of when using this payment option. Let’s look at some of the things that could be considered disadvantages.

Not instant: The Citibank bank transfer is not instant like debit/credit card deposits or eWallet deposits. The time it takes for your funds to move from your bank account to the casino account can take a couple of hours. Although the casino payments team usually work quickly to ensure your deposit reaches your balance quickly.

Higher deposit minimums: On some occasions, the online casino may add a larger minimum deposit requirement to Citibank bank transfers. This is because there is some extra work involved on the casino’s side when processing these payments. Usually, deposit minimums are around £/$10 but bank transfer minimums could be £/$100.

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Transferring money into your casino account through Citibank does not involve any transfer fees from the bank. This cost-effective payment solution is one of the cheapest ways to move money around. The online casino may impose a small fee for processing the payment but usually, the deposit minimum is the only difference. It’s worth mentioning that some online casinos will add transaction fees on to each deposit and withdrawal you make. This is not the majority of gaming sites, but some do like to add a small fee, usually around 2.5% of the transfer amount to each deposit and withdrawal. You can find out if the casino adds transaction fees through the support service or FAQs page.

Creating an Account

Creating an account with Citibank is a breeze. You only need to head over to the Citibank website and pick out which type of account you wish to open. Once you do that you will need to provide some personal details and that’s about it. Once you have your Citibank bank account you can make online transfers and casino deposits.

Funding your Account

Adding money into your Citibank account is the same as funding any other bank account. The quickest way is to move money from another bank account to your Citibank account. The money is transferred over instantly.


Depositing through Citibank transfer is a little different than other payment methods. This is because someone on the casino’s side needs to check that the money has been received in the casino’s bank account and then process the payment into your real money balance. There are only a few steps to follow to make a deposit using Citibank.

  • Choose a Citibank Transfer as your payment option.
  • Enter the amount of your deposit.
  • Take down the casino’s bank details and reference number,  then transfer the total amount to the account.
  • The money will take up to 24 hours to move into your real money balance.
  • Once the funds display in your casino balance you can start enjoying the games!


You can also withdraw your winnings to your Citibank account. The Citibank bank transfer withdrawal option can take some time though, you could be waiting up to 7 days for your money to arrive into your bank account.

  • Head over to the casino cashier
  • Choose the Citibank Transfer withdrawal option
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm
  • The casino will then process the Citibank Transfer transaction
  • The transaction can take up to 7 days for it to reach your bank account


Citibank is a safe and secure method of moving money. Making a deposit through Citibank bank transfer means you do not have to share your card payment details online. You only use the casino’s sort code and account number to transfer your funds. The established bank also has excellent encryption and other security measures in place to protect your data and money from any threats.


If you come across any issues, then you can reach out to the support service in no time. Citibank has a number of ways to contact them including phone numbers for each area of support. Friendly support agents are on hand around the clock to resolve any concerns. You can also contact support through email or consult the helpful FAQs page.


Citibank is one of the biggest banking institutions in the world. The banking brand offers an array of banking services to suit all customers. The Citibank bank is a trusted brand that has millions of customers. They offer excellent convenience and security with each payment. Bank transfers are widely available as a deposit option across many online casinos.



Can I make withdrawals using Citibank?

Yes, you can send money back to your Citibank account. Withdrawals are usually sent back in a matter of days.

Are there fees involved with Citibank?

No, there are usually no fees for making payments using this method. However, some casinos add fees to the payment option.

What is the best Citibank casino?

We have researched for you so you can view the best casinos that accept Citibank payments and make a choice yourself. We have listed the top-rated Citibank casinos here.

Which online casinos accept CitiBank?

Use the list of CitiBank casinos to see all online casinos that accept CitiBank payments. We filter the casino top list to only show CitiBank casinos that accept players from your location.