DineroMail is one of Latin America’s largest e-commerce payment providers, encompassing more than 1.8 million users across Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Transactions can only be made in Argentine pesos, Brazilian real, Chilean pesos, Mexican pesos and United States dollars.

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DineroMail was created as an ambitious project to clean up Latin America’s notoriously patchy payment network with a one-stop shop service that could be used anywhere.  Many Latin Americans don’t use internationally accepted credit cards, so DineroMail is a useful way for them to make payments around the world as well as in domestic shops and for high-value transactions.

This is also an asset to the gaming industry. Strict laws in many Latin American countries mean that traditional banks won’t let players make deposits or receive money from casinos and gaming websites. As a way around this problem, the number of casinos that accept DineroMail has grown rapidly in recent years.

DineroMail is available in five countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Creating an Account

Creating a DineroMail account is a matter of filling in a simple form on the company website. The details required are all relatively simple name and address questions, but there is also one that requires a passport number for added security. It’s a comforting addition, but nonetheless one that users of other services might not be used to.

Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the main selling points of DineroMail is that you can make payments into the service by just about any means you want, as it’s designed to replace a traditional bank transfer. This means you can use a wide variety of local and international cards, wire transfers and cash via EasyPay.

Similarly, withdrawals can be made in the same manner for a small fee, ranging from 2.99% per withdrawal via a bank all the way up to $55 for a checkmail withdrawal. Transactions via DineroMail itself are instantaneous, though the process of interaction between the service and your bank can take up to 24 hours.


  • Ease of use: DineroMail can handle just about any kind of transaction. Not only does it accept and pay out to a huge variety of card types with many banks from around the world, but it also allows you to pay into the account in a variety of ways.
  • Local coverage: For many people across Latin America, DineroMail is a must-have technology if they want to play online casinos. It can often be the only way that they can legally make and receive payments. It can handle currencies that other payment options might not be able to handle such as Mexican pesos and Brazilian reals, and it deals in payment methods like EasyPay that are specifically Latin American.
  • Speed: DineroMail pays funds instantaneously in transactions that are done through the platform. This is a massive bonus for gamers who want to play across Latin America, because it is one of the few methods of doing so immediately. Even those methods which take longer, such as the 48 hours it can take credit cards or the 24 hours for other payment services, that’s still not long to wait in comparison to other methods of international payment.
  • Security: Aside from the latest technology behind firewalls and encryption services, DineroMail employs two-factor authentication and a range of other security measures to ensure your money is safe at all stages of a transaction.


  • Currency limitations: While DineroMail works for several Latin American currencies and US dollars, you cannot make transactions in any other currencies.
  • Language barrier: A lot of the information and documentation is provided in either Spanish or Portuguese. Therefore it can be annoying to have to translate pages if these are not your first languages.


There are no restrictions on where in the world you can use DineroMail, but the service is likely to be of limited value if you’re not living or gaming in Latin America or via Latin American websites. Note that it is also only licensed and regulated in Latin America, so it may not provide the same protections to your rights or finances as in Europe or North America.


Support is available via email or an online form that can be found on the DineroMail website.


DineroMail was founded in Argentina in 2003. In 2014 was bought by international payment giant PayU as part of a move to enter the Latin American market. While this venture is now called PayU Latam, the company still retains its original name on their branding, where it is now called DineroMail by PayU. This means that the company has all the local knowledge and connections of a Latin American company, but with the financial and technical backing of an international e-commerce giant.


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