Direct Money Payment

Direct Money Payment

Direct Money Payments is a way to make online casino payments without having to go through the process yourself. The payment option allows you to send a certain amount of money from one account to another automatically every month, much like a direct debit. This is a popular form of payment that provides a level of ease and convenience that you don’t get with other deposit options. Direct Money Payments are not a widely accepted form of payment across online casinos but there are a number of top casinos that offer the payment option.

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Direct Money Payments take money directly from your bank account and put it into the online casino account. Once this payment service has been set up you will not have to worry about going through the payment process. The money will move automatically from your account to the casino operator’s every month. This form of payment has become popular with those who want to stick to monthly playing budgets. You can automatically transfer as much or as little as you like, but it will have to remain the same amount on each monthly payment. The monthly Direct Money Payments can also be cancelled at any time. Online casinos tend to avoid receiving such payments as it requires some processing on their side, to move the money from the casino’s bank account into the player’s real money balance.


Claiming a bonus through Direct Money Payments is a little trickery than your standard bank account deposit but it’s entirely possible to grab a bonus offer. The online casino in question will have a process set up where you can reference your Direct Money Payment and request a bonus offer to go with it. You can enjoy a variety of casino bonuses including welcome offers, match bonuses and free spins. We recommend that you spend some time looking through the bonus conditions and take note of the wagering requirements and other important terms.


There are some great perks to using Direct Money Payments to fund your casino balance. This form of payment is incredibly convenient and takes out all the guesswork you get with making deposits. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using Direct Money Payments.

Security: Direct Money Payments is linked to an institutional banking service, so every payment is protected with the latest in banking security technology. Every transaction is fully encrypted, and you will not have to enter bank details once it is set up.

Management: Using this payment method means you can set the amount to fund your account each month, allowing you to stick to a strict monthly playing budget.

No fees: There are no fees applied by the bank when making Direct Money Payments transactions.


Every payment option has pros and cons. Direct Money Payments does carry a few minor setbacks to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages you may find when making Direct Money Payments.

Limited Deposits: Direct Money Payments funds your account each month so if you want to make another deposit in the same month you will have to fund your account through another payment method.

Availability: This form of deposit is not as widely accepted as many other popular payment options.

No withdrawals: You will not be able to make withdrawals using Direct Money Payments, but you can still send your winnings back to the same bank account.

Direct Money Payment


Direct Money Payments does not attach processing fees to the service. However, some online casinos may add a processing fee to cover the work involved on their end. What’s more, many online casinos will just add a transaction fee to each deposit and withdrawal regardless of the payment method. You can find out if your online casino adds transaction fees by reaching out to their dedicated support team.

Creating an Account

Direct Money Payments is a service provided by your bank account so you will only need to make sure you are signed up to a reputable banking institution. You can find a local bank branch and open a standard bank account with them or head over to the bank’s website and sign up by providing your personal details. Once you are set up you can use their online service to make Direct Money Payments.

Funding your Account

You will need to make sure your bank account is funded for you to use Direct Money Payments. As the funds are transferred each month you will need to make sure there is money in the account each month to cover the Direct Money Payments amount or you will incur a charge. You can easily put money in your bank account by transferring funds over from another account or by paying cash in through your local branch.


You can set up Direct Money Payment deposits in a few short steps which will set up an automated payment each month. You can decide the amount you wish to automatically deposit each month. There may be a couple of hours between the money leaving your account and reaching your real money balance as the casino’s payment team will need to process the transaction.

  • Choose Direct Money Payments as your payment option.
  • Enter the amount of your deposit.
  • Enter your bank details.
  • Confirm the Direct Money Payments transaction.
  • Once the funds display in your casino balance you can start enjoying the games!


Unfortunately, you cannot use Direct Money Payments to make a withdrawal. You will have to use an alternative payment method to send your winnings back to. This will not stop you from withdrawing back to the same card you deposited on – you just can’t do it via Direct Money Payments.


Direct Money Payments have the bank’s security measures in place, so every payment is fully protected using state-of-the-art banking encryption. Furthermore, using Direct Money Payments means you will not have to enter any sensitive banking information once you have set up the Direct Money Payments.


You can reach out to your bank’s support service should you have any issues or wish to cancel Direct Money Payments. The bank will offer customer support through phone and email. You will also find plenty of information and some informative FAQs on the bank’s website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the dedicated support team at your favoured online casino. The support team is usually available through live chat and email.


Direct Money Payments is a more suitable deposit option for those who have larger bankrolls and want to make sure they have funds in their casino balance each month. The everyday casino player prefers to make a standard deposit as and when – this is why Direct Money Payments isn’t as widely available as many other deposit options. There are still a good number of online casinos that accept Direct Money Payments and more are taking the leap to offer the deposit option.



Can I make withdrawals using Direct Money Payments?

No, you cannot send money back through Direct Money Payments. You will have to make a withdrawal using an alternative payment option.

Are there fees involved with Direct Money Payments?

No, there are no fees when making payments using this method. However, some casinos will also add fees to every transaction made.

What is the best Direct Money Payments casino?

We have researched for you so you can view the best casinos that accept Direct Money Payments and make a choice yourself. We have listed the top-rated Direct Money Payments casinos here.

Which online casinos accept Direct Money Payment?

Use the list of Direct Money Payment casinos to see all online casinos that accept Direct Money Payment payments. We filter the casino top list to only show Direct Money Payment casinos that accept players from your location.