E-Pro is designed to give online casinos and retailers the best and fastest on-line payment integration. They offer secure payment gateways for e-commerce and gambling websites. Here we list all the casinos who accept e-pro as a payment method.

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If you have been restricted from using your credit or debit cards for online gaming transactions, the e-Pro payment method provides an indirect way of paying for online gaming services. How it works is you are essentially purchasing vouchers at e-Pro with funds from your bank account. Then, you can spend those e-Pro vouchers at any online gaming site that offers this as a payment option. Altogether, it’s one easy, secure and almost instant operation! Created by EMPcorp, a Luxembourg based company with ten years of experience in the online payment field, e-Pro acts as a fast and secure intermediary between your bank and online gaming sites.


Online gaming sites offer bonuses to attract new customers and reward existing loyal customers. These incentives take many forms and can include free spins when signing up, deposit bonuses when making deposits or payments at the online venue, and the like. As you normally receive these bonuses regardless of the payment method you choose (with a few exceptions!), there are no specific bonuses for using e-Pro as a payment method. You can check each casino’s terms and conditions or connect with their customer support to find out about ongoing promotions.


The e-Pro payment method allows you to make online gaming transactions with credit or debit cards and in regions that otherwise restrict those transactions, while also providing you with most of the advantages you receive when conducting regular credit or debit card transactions.

  • Availability: e-Pro allows you to circumvent restrictions on online gaming transactions
  • Security: EMPcorp uses the most advanced security and encryption protocols to secure your data. Using e-Pro as an intermediary also means you will never need to give your financial information directly to gaming sites.
  • Quickness: The speed of e-Pro transactions is comparable with those of regular credit or debit card transactions.
  • Ease of Use: using the e-Pro payment method is as simple as making regular credit or debit card transactions.


e-Pro is a fast, secure and reliable payment method that circumvents regulations against online gaming transactions. However, some online gaming sites might not list it as a payment option. While it is available in more than 39 European countries, it might be unavailable in your country.

  • No bonuses: No specific incentives, rewards or VIP programs associated with this payment method.
  • Availability: Not available in certain countries and some online casinos may not have it as a payment option.


If you have concerns about hidden fees and extra costs, you might prefer the e-Pro payment method. Should you choose to make online gaming transactions using the e-Pro payment method, you will be charged no fees. Any fees you incur while making transactions will be charged by the online gaming sites or your bank. To find out about additional fees for transactions you might incur from the casino site or your bank, check their respective terms and conditions or contact customer support.


EMPcorp allows you to make online gaming transactions using their free e-Pro payment method in 52 world currencies. By using this payment method you can make quick, easy and secure transactions with online gaming sites in the currency that is most convenient for you.

  • EUR
  • USD
  • GBP

Creating an Account

The e-Pro payment method is designed for speed and ease of use. There is no need to create an account or sign up in order to use this safe and secure payment method for your online casino transactions. You only need to present your bank account credentials in order to make transactions.

  • You do not need to create accounts or sign up.
  • You only need your bank account credentials to make payments with e-Pro.

Funding Account

You do not need to fund this account as any amount you choose to pay to online gaming sites will be transferred in full from your bank account leaving nothing behind on the e-Pro system. If for any reason there is money left over in your e-Pro wallet, you will be given voucher information and allowed to use it for future transactions using e-Pro.


To make a deposit you need to select the e-Pro payment method at a casino that accepts e-Pro and choose the amount you want to deposit. You then type in your bank account credentials for verification after which the amount you chose will be paid to the online gaming site.

  • Select the e-Pro payment method.
  • Choose the amount you want to deposit.
  • Type in your bank account credentials for verification.


The e-Pro payment method makes withdrawing funds from online gaming sites as easy as making deposits to them. You have to select e-Pro as the withdrawal method at the online gaming site and then type in your bank credentials. After you have been verified in this manner, the withdrawal will be made.

  • Select the e-Pro withdrawal method.
  • Log in with your bank account credentials.
  • Confirm the transaction.


The security of their customer’s data is the highest priority of EMPcorp. They use the most advanced current security and encryption protocols to keep your data safe while making online gaming transactions. With 10 years of valuable experience in the payment processing service, EMPcorp has a wealth of knowledge regarding online safety measure and the highest standards when it comes to their anti-fraud policies. EMPcorp is always at the cutting edge and closely follows the latest developments in computer, online and banking security.


EMPcorp values user feedback and cares about user’s concerns. They have provided customers with contact information where they could be reached. If you have any concerns about or difficulties with making transactions to online gaming sites, or wish to provide EMPcorp with feedback on their e-Pro payment method, EMP corp has made it easy for you to do so through the channels provided.

  • Mail: 59, boulevard Royal L-2449 Luxembourg
  • E mail: contact@empcorp-lux.com

VIP Program

EMPcorp does not provide any VIP services for using their e-Pro payment method.

  • No VIP program.


Ease of use and availability were big priorities when EMPcorp were setting up their e-Pro payment method. Allowing customers from as many different regions as possible to use their service was the aim. EMPcorp has made their e-Pro payment method for making online gaming transactions available in a great majority of European countries. This means that the option to make transactions through this quick, easy, and secure method is very likely available in your region. These countries include: Austria. Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Czechia, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, France, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland and the United, Kingdom.


Which online casinos accept e-Pro?

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