The eCheck, or electronic check, is a digital version of the age-old paper cheque. Just think about it as a paper cheque with all the basic requirements like name, amount, account number and authorisation translated into a digital language and transmitted electronically. Electronic checks are easy to use and many casinos accept them as deposit and withdrawal methods for players. Here is a list of eCheck casinos where you can use this payment method.

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Casinos with eCheck
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Miami Club Casino 57% Miami Club Casino Review Country Flag


The eCheck came with the growth of e-commerce, as an alternative to the inconvenient paper cheques. It is governed by more or less the same rules and regulations as paper cheques and the US Treasury was the first to use it for large online payments.

With electronic checks, the process is much faster than conventional methods, allowing you to transfer funds directly from your bank to your casino account, all this through the ACH (Automated Clearing House). When you submit an eCheck it goes through a reader that captures the information that is required to complete the electronic payment. You will then receive a debit notification from your bank.


Some of the top casinos offer bonuses to players making deposits with eChecks. The bonuses are more often in the form of free spins and in some cases, casinos that give a ‘no deposit’ bonus may include this special offer to you as an eCheck user. If eChecks are your chosen payment method then be sure to read the terms and conditions given by the casino to see what kind of offers they may have. Some casinos may have specific day offers or games attached to eCheck deposits that you can enjoy.


Although eChecks are not yet widely used as a payment method, they have some advantages over methods like bank transfers. And also, because you can only write an eCheck based on the funds available in your bank account, you are unlikely to overspend as opposed to when you use a credit card.

  • Security: As mentioned eChecks use cryptography, firewalls, encryption software like SSL, to keep the user’s information safe and secure.
  • Worldwide use: As long your bank can be accessed outside your country, you can play anywhere in the world and deposit and withdraw funds into your casino account from virtually anywhere.
  • Privacy maintained: You will not have to give additional personal banking information and details when you register with a casino.


In spite of how secure the system is, you may find charges on your bank statement and the process of retrieving funds that have already been deducted from your bank account can be somewhat complicated and you may have to go to your bank in person in order to resolve such queries.

  • Transaction time: This method requires about 3-5 working days for funds to be available. However, there are casinos that allow you to gamble as long as they have verified that you have funds in your account.
  • Casino restrictions: Unfortunately there are not so many casinos that accept eChecks. But check out our list to find casinos that accept this mode of payment.


eChecks are an easy no-fuss payment method. When you use eChecks the processing fees are greatly reduced and in some cases, you may not be charged at all for making a deposit at a casino. Just like with any other payment method, you should always get as much information as possible on the depositing and withdrawal terms and conditions stipulated by your bank and the casino. Furthermore, any charges that you may incur when you use eChecks are by far, less than any other payment methods available.


Since eChecks are paid directly from your bank, and banks deal with numerous currencies you have access to a variety of currencies to pay with. However, you should pay attention to the forex exchange rate. Some of the major currencies that are available with this method include – the US and Canadian dollar, Euro, and British Pounds sterling.

  • Euro, Dollar, Pound

Creating an Account

In order to begin using eChecks, you will need to have an open bank account. When looking for a bank, choose one that gives you an eCheck option, also get important banking information like:- the amount of time that is required to process eChecks, amount limits for deposits and withdrawals and customer support available.

  • Choose a bank that offers eCheck options and present yourself at the bank or banking agent to begin the account opening process.
  • Provide all the basic information required to open the account.

Funding Account

With eChecks, all you need to do is to deposit funds into your bank account. As previously indicated, eChecks are like debit cards and the availability of funds is dependant on the amount in your bank account. Topping up your bank account may be possible with some of the popular e-wallet options so that you don’t have to go into a physical bank to top up your account.

  • Deposit money into your account so that it is available for you when you need to write eChecks.


Making a deposit into your casino account is easy and straightforward. Choose a casino from our list of casinos that accept eCheck deposits. Fill in the required information and proceed as guided, you will receive a request to confirm your registration via email or SMS, then, you are almost ready to begin your casino experience.

  • Choose the eCheck deposit option on the casino payment option page.
  • Enter and confirm the amount that you want to deposit.


eCheck withdrawals are also subject to limits imposed by the casino or bank. Just as depositing is straightforward so is withdrawing using the eCheck method, you should be ready to wait as the process can sometimes take time. This is because the casino has to verify your identity before it can release your winnings.

  • Verify your identity
  • Be patient as the casino processes


Because it’s linked to a bank, eChecks are secure and safe to use. The bank security protocols mentioned earlier ensure that your information and personal banking details remain safe at all times. And this is true whether you are using an eCheck online or at a brick and mortar casino. You can use and pay by eCheck internationally without worry, but you should always keep personal information like pin numbers and verification codes safe, as an unscrupulous person may use this information to steal from you.


Customer support is an integral part of any business operation, including banking and financial institutions. If you choose this option, check out the customer support that is available. Thankfully many banks have 24/7 call centres and customer support staff that are willing and able to help resolve many of the problems you may encounter. Going by eCheck reviews, many users testify of the ease of use and say that it gets even easier to use with time.

  • Telephone: This is the fastest way to get support from your bank if you have any issues or any enquires.
  • Call Back Services: This depends on your bank, but this is another way to get your echeck issues resolved.

VIP Program

This really depends on whether your individual bank has a reward system available for clients who use the eCheck option.

  • This one is also dependent on your bank.


eChecks are available worldwide and used in a lot of banks across the globe. In terms of availability, this payment method provides one of the best and easiest ways to access your funds. How you do this is dependant on your bank and their policies. With the advancements and innovations being made in the financial and banking sectors, there are many e-commerce options such as online and mobile banking, making it easier for you to top up your bank account from your phone, your computer or tablet from wherever you happen to be in the world. There are no rules or criteria that would prohibit anyone from being able to use an eCheck. As long as you have a bank account that gives you eCheck as an option, then you should be able to use it.


Which online casinos accept eCheck?

Use the list of eCheck casinos to see all online casinos that accept eCheck payments. We filter the casino top list to only show eCheck casinos that accept players from your location.