ecoVoucher is a modern, secure alternative to direct payment for casino users and online shoppers. Created by PSI-Pay Ltd, the company behind the popular payment solution ecoPayz, this innovative form of payment allows you to use secure and anonymous prepaid vouchers to deposit at online casinos. Here we list the best ecoVoucher casinos and explain how this method works..

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ecoVoucher Overview

Since its launch in 2016, as an add-on option for users already invested in the popular ecoPayz payment method, ecoVoucher has grown in popularity – and is now available in a number of casinos as an alternate deposit method. As the name suggests, ecoVoucher isn’t a cash system. Instead, you use a reseller to obtain a prepaid voucher in a set amount, which can then be used online via a dedicated ecoPayz account.

As a simple, straightforward and convenient solution, ecoVoucher offers a way to access dedicated money for use online without sacrificing the security and safety of your money. With several popular currencies supported and full FCA regulation for their service, ecoVoucher is a versatile option for those who want to deposit securely at online casinos.

ecoVoucher website

Using ecoVoucher at Online Casinos

As ecoVouchers are prepaid cards, firstly you’ll need to buy a card online or through a dedicated reseller for a set amount. This purchase will provide you with a dedicated 18-digit PIN that is then used for online deposits. Select ecoVoucher as your deposit method, and from there you’ll be able to enter the pin, confirm the transaction and the money will be in your account ready to use.

Withdrawals are not possible with ecoVoucher as the voucher only represents a prepaid, fixed amount that can’t be changed after the initial purchase. Because you can’t withdraw directly onto your prepaid voucher, you’ll need an alternative withdrawal method supported by the casino, for example ecoPayz if you want to stay in the same ecosystem of financial services.


  • Security: The most significant advantages of ecoVoucher is the fact that you aren’t paying with your bank account, which means there’s absolutely no risk when it comes to depositing money into your chosen casino.
  • Speed: You can buy ecoVouchers online from dedicated resellers, making it quick and easy to access the service and even quicker to deposit money once you have you PIN on-hand.
  • Simplicity: No account means no registration required, which is as simple and easy as it comes with online payment methods.
  • Separation: For some users, having your ecoVouchers entirely separate from your cash can be a great way to limit online spending, and prevent overdoing it when it comes to online casinos and gambling in general.


  • Withdrawals: No account means no easy way to withdraw, and you’ll have to create an account for a completely different payment service to access a withdrawal method.
  • Currencies: Only EUR, USD and GBP currencies are supported for ecoVoucher, and resellers may not even offer all three, which limits the usability of the voucher system for some users.
  • Payments: Much like a voucher you’d buy for a store, you can only purchase ecoVouchers in set amounts – so if you aren’t looking for precisely 10-150 in your current currency, you’re out of luck.


One major benefit to ecoVoucher is security. Not only is the company fully FCA-approved and regulated, but you also get complete anonymity with no banking details shared with the casino. Your voucher is the only connection that casinos have to you, enhancing your security and keeping your money safe if you do happen to stumble onto a dodgy site. Depending on the withdrawal method you choose you might cancel out some of these advantages however.


With only three currencies and a handful of resellers, ecoVoucher isn’t the most accessible casino payment option out there – but because you’re purchasing a voucher, as opposed to using a payment service, there’s no limitation to the country you’re in when you buy the voucher itself. So that’s a potential plus if you happen to live in a limited location.


ecoVoucher is operated by PSI-Pay Ltd; a company fully authorised by the FCA. Based out of West Sussex, the company also offers a range of different payment solutions, including the issuing of Mastercard and Visa cards. They’re also partnered with GPS and PIF, further adding to their credibility. ecoVoucher is an add-on payment method as part of their broader ecoPayz service.

PSI-Pay Ltd registered office is at Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1TL, England.

PSI-Pay Ltd web site


How can I pay for ecoVouchers?

That depends on your choice of reseller. Each reseller may offer different payment methods, as well as adding their own commission to ecoVouchers.

Are ecoVouchers safe to use at online casinos?

ecoVouchers keep your information secure because they are not connected to you – much like any shopping voucher. Because of that, they are an excellent secure deposit method for casinos. However, you should be cautious about your choice of reseller when you purchase your ecoVoucher.

How do I withdraw from a casino with ecoVoucher?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to withdraw money from a casino with an ecoVoucher alone. You will need an alternative payment service, such as ecoPayz which is part of the same family of financial services.

Which online casinos accept EcoVoucher?

Use the list of EcoVoucher casinos to see all online casinos that accept EcoVoucher payments. We filter the casino top list to only show EcoVoucher casinos that accept players from your location.