EmuCasino Player Wins Over $47,000 at The Dog House Megaways

EmuCasino Player Wins Over $47,000 at The Dog House Megaways ( Click to Enlarge )

A lucky slots fan at EmuCasino was able to take down more than $47,000, or about €42,000, due to a lucky streak of payouts. All of these wins happened on a single day on The Dog House Megaways slot. This big payout shows that progressive jackpots aren’t the only way to get big wins with slots.

Approximately €42k Won on The Dog House Megaways at EmuCasino

When we talk about big wins in the slots world, they almost always seem to have one thing in common. That is, they almost always seem to come from progressive jackpots. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. A recent winner at EmuCasino proved this in a major way.

This lucky player was able to pick up wins worth over $47,000 in a single day. These prizes were all scored on The Dog House Megaways video slot as well.

Running up winnings like this is a pretty big deal. To have them all happen in such a short period of time makes it an even bigger deal. That just goes to show that you can turn even non-progressive titles into major payouts with the right winning combinations.

Details on the Big Win

As we mentioned above, this overall big win came as a result of several payouts during the day. It started off with a win worth $14,580. That’s a sizable win in and of itself, but the lucky winner didn’t stop there, however. Instead, it was follows by several more four-figure wins worth the following: $8,542; $6,526; $5,184; $4,860; $4,775; and $2,862.

Overall, the total winnings from these big payouts came to $47,331. That’s a sizable prize no matter who you are, and it’s the kind of huge win that all players love. Additionally, seeing it come from a non-progressive title makes it just that much more interesting.

Big Wins Available on The Dog House Megaways

It’s not particularly surprising that The Dog House Megaways slot was responsible for such a big set of wins. This game is set up in a way that offers chances for some really big multipliers. Additionally, it has multiple free spins modes that give players some choice in how they get their value.

While both free spins modes are based around wild symbols, they go about things differently. One of them brings sticky wilds with fewer free spins and a higher volatility. However, the other adds guaranteed random wilds to each free turn. This latter option has a lower volatility and more free spins for players.

In either case, however, you get chances for multipliers on the wilds. What makes this so much more valuable is that the multipliers combine in a multiplicative way. That means you can end up with multipliers in the triple-digit range overall if you land the wild multipliers in the right spots at the right time. Both random wilds and sticky wilds help to make that more of a possibility.

EmuCasino Making Big Winners

This big payouts happened at EmuCasino. They are an online casino with a high rating from us that offers players thousands of different games. Additionally, they have titles from dozens of the top providers in the world. That includes Pragmatic Play, the developer behind The Dog House Megaways.

If you’re hunting big jackpots, you’re in luck there also because they have a ton of them. This list includes Mega Moolah, the world record holder for both the largest progressive jackpot online as well as the largest mobile jackpot ever. It’s a great casino for people looking to hunt jackpots.

Additionally, they have a good lineup of bonuses and promotions. What’s really cool about their promotional lineup is that they don’t go for a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, you have plenty of different options to choose from that can be geared toward your particular situation. As a result, they have a variety of different types of players, and that means a better chance of finding what you’re looking for.