Eye of Gold Casinos and Review 2021

Eye of Gold

The Eye of Gold online slot from Booongo has a great Egyptian theme with a ton of action. The format is large with lots of ways to get paid, and the features provide a lot of value. This is also a game that looks tremendous and that steps outside of the box quite a bit.

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Casinos with Eye of Gold

An Introduction to Eye of Gold

It’s not like it’s some secret that a lot of online slots have Egyptian themes. That means when another one enters that sub-genre, it typically has to stand out a lot for players to care. Booongo was able to create that level of caring with their Eye of Gold video slot.

Eye of Gold Main Screen
Eye of Gold Main Screen

Despite having an Egyptian theme, it stands out quite a bit. This comes from both an aesthetic side and from the gameplay end of things.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the symbol set and animation look a little different. Instead of going for a hyper-real approach, which is common for this sub-genre, they did something else. The Cleopatra symbol looks more real, but the rest have a great 2-D flat style. Even the background shares in this style to a certain degree. That gives the game a different look and feel than most.

On the gameplay side, this is a feature-oriented title for sure. Lots of good ways to get paid are shown on the regular pay table, but this is balanced by big features. This includes ways to pick up extra wins you would have missed otherwise. However, it also includes opportunities to take down some sizable prizes.

Betting and Layout

The format here is different than most, but it’s not that far outside of the box. You’ll pick it up with no problem if you’ve ever played a video slot before. Here’s what to expect:

  • Six reels are set across four rows of symbols for a 24-spot grid.
  • Despite the larger grid, this game uses a 25-payline format.
  • You cannot change how many lines are being used, and wins are based on your total wager.
  • All paylines pay starting from the left and working their way to the right.
  • Players get 15 different betting increments to choose from.
  • This starts at just €0.25 per spin. However, you can wager as much as €60 per spin as well.

As we mentioned above, wins are based on multiples of your overall bet size. This makes it easier to keep up with how much your wins are overall instead of dealing with coins on paylines, numbers of coins and having to mentally keep up with a lot of math.

The volatility for this title is fairly low. It’s somewhere between low and medium-low overall. Both the features and the regular pay table play into this play style.

Gameplay and Features

With the Eye of Gold online slot, you’re getting a good mix of action in the pay schedule. The features are exciting, but a lot of them really just serve to enhance the payouts you’re already getting from the regular pay table. That creates a style of play with a high hit-rate and a lot of action.

Eye of Gold Mystery Wild
Eye of Gold Mystery Wild

Wild Symbols and Payouts

A golden symbol exists with a blue and red bird on it. It has “Wild” written across in gold letters, so it’s hard to miss. This symbol is wild, and it gives some pretty tremendous payouts. All of these wins, like the wins shown farther down below, are multiples of the total bet size.

  • Six of a Kind – 6x
  • Five of a Kind – 1.6x
  • Four of a Kind – 0.8x
  • Three of a Kind – 0.4x

As you can see, the wilds appear on all six reels. Additionally, they help to get other wins you’d miss out on. However, they cannot substitute for special symbols.

Mystery Wild Symbols

There’s another golden symbol that’s a circle. It has the blue Eye of Ra in the center, and it’s the symbol for the Mystery Wild Feature. This symbol is where the Eye of Gold video slot gets its name from.

If this symbol appears on the game board anywhere, it will trigger the Mystery Wild feature. This can appear in the regular game mode, but it can also appear in the free spins that we’re going to point out down below.

What this symbol does is, once the spin is over, it randomly turns into a different regular symbol. However, once this happens, every instance of that regular symbol is transformed into a wild. That means that you have chances for logs of wilds on the game board, especially since symbols show up stacked sometimes. As a result, you get some serious chances for extra payouts.

Free Spins Mode

The scatter can appear on the first reel only. It looks like a golden gate, but it’s clearly marked as the scatter to make things clear. If you get the scatter on the game board with at least one Mystery Wild, you’ll activate free spins.

Eye of Gold Free Spins
Eye of Gold Free Spins

No matter how the feature is activated, you will always be given 10 total free spins. The reel or reels that have Mystery Wilds when the feature is triggered will turn red. During these free spins, that means that they will always have Mystery Wilds show up on them. This drastically increases the value of the free spins much moreso than what the regular game mode offers.

How to Win at Eye of Gold

There are two things to keep in mind with the Eye of Gold online slot. The first is that the volatility is fairly low. Along with that, you also need to remember that the hit-rate is pretty high. As a result, the type of adjustment we recommend for getting the best experience at this game is increasing your bet size by just a bit. Something in the realm of an increase of 40 to 75 percent is a good amount here.

While you’re welcome to use whatever bet size you want, there are clear advantages to this approach. First, you’ll get better payouts when you hit winning combinations, which is fairly obvious. However, what’s not obvious is that the swings will stay pretty reasonable. That’s because of the high hit-rate and low volatility. As a result, there’s not really a downside to this type of adjustment overall.

Payout Structure for Eye of Gold

Aside from the wild symbol, the best-paying regular symbols are the two women. Each of them pay out 5x for six of a kind combinations. For the purple cat or blue bird symbol, you can earn 1.4x for six on a line. Finally, six of a kind combos of the green lotus or blue ankh with wings gets you 1x.

Eye of Gold Payouts
Eye of Gold Payouts

Note that all of these symbols need at least three of a kind for a winning combination. Note also that the pay table is pretty flat. It’s also worth pointing out that there are only seven paying symbols, including the wilds, so it’s pretty easy to get winning combinations.


You’ll have a lot of fun in the Eye of Gold online slot just from how the theme ties into the symbol set and features. The overall concept used as the basis for this online slot is a strong launch pad for the gameplay experience and excitement, and this online slot is a perfect entry into this software developer’s whole portfolio because of its visual appeal and gameplay experience.

Something slot fans will really enjoy with this title is the extra value that the selection of features add to your overall balance. In addition to that, the style of play with this title offers a ton of fun.