Making a simple, efficient and secure money transfer is one of the most integral factors when choosing an online casino. As such, there are quite a large number of players in the payments industry. Ezi-Pay is one of the oldest online payment methods that have been operating since 1989. The payment platform is operated by Certegy company, an affiliate of the FlexiGroup. This is one of the oldest companies that offer credit retail payment with no interests. This review provides an insight into Ezi-Pay casinos listed below that support this payment method.

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Ezi-Pay is an Australian company that has been focusing on facilitation of payments via credit cards. This company is also known as PaySpark by some users too. This payment method focuses on facilitating seamless credit card payments. If you are intending to deposit some funds to a casino account, you can get some credit advance from your Ezi-Pay account.

The borrowed amount can be repaid back after 2 weeks in a payment plan that you will have agreed to when signing up. Ezi-Pay will, however, need some little more details from you just to be sure that you can repay back the borrowed amount and to determine your credit ratings too.


iGamers love bonuses. Casinos perfectly understand this fact and are constantly bringing on board newer and better bonus packages for punters making deposits with them. The promotions are usually tied to the payment method that you use to deposit funds to the casino.

This means different players using different deposit methods have access to different bonuses. Ezi-Pay is no exception and different casinos have come with some promotions such as matching deposit bonuses for each deposited amount. Keep checking different casinos and see if there are any additional bonuses for this payment method.


There are many merits that are associated with the Ezi-Pay method. Some of these advantaged include security of any shared details, speedy processing of transactions, ease of use and availability. Having credits is another merit associated with this e-payment method.

  • Speedy transactions: Once your account is approved, making deposits to your preferred casino takes a matter of minutes. Indeed, deposits to casinos from Ezi-Pay are instant.
  • Security: Ezi-Pay is a financial institution that complies with the Australian Financial regulations. The standards the institution works with are the same as those of any other banking institution.
  • Ease of use: Users do not need to break a sweat trying to locate anything on the website or the app. Both facilities are easy and straightforward to use.
  • Credit: You don’t have to stop playing your favourite game at the casino because its mid-month and wallets are dry. As long as you qualify for a credit, you can send money to your casino account.


Almost no payment method is perfectly flawless. Just like any other payment method available for iGamers, Ezi-Pay has some downsides that however do not outweigh associated merits. The most notable limitation of the payment method is the country restrictions it has.

  • Country restrictions: The payment method is available in 9 countries only. This means that iGamers outside those countries can’t use Ezi-Pay for deposits.
  • Bank Account: To be able to use Ezi-Pay you need to have an account in one of the supported banks. And to be eligible for credits, your credit score has to be good.


Having small and non-punitive transaction fees is a plus for any payment method. Ezi-Pay is truly aware of this fact and has regulated its fees in such a way that the users find them friendly. For each payment you are processing, Ezi-Pay will deduct a small fee. Also, you will need to pay some small fee for account maintenance every month. While most casinos do not charge any fees during deposits and withdrawals, be sure to look out for their rules on their website for more details.


Ezi-Pay understands the need to process different types of currencies on their website since they have customers across many countries. straightforward means that you can deposit your local currency at the e-payments provider as long it is supported by both your bank and online casino. Below are some accepted currencies.

  • Australian Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Thai Baht
  • Malaysian Ringgit
  • Philippine Peso
  • Japanese Yen
  • New Taiwan dollar
  • Great Britain Pound
  • US Dollar

Creating an Account

Signing up at Ezi-Pay is simple and straightforward. It is also straightforward an automated process so it saves you the headache of having to wait for each step to be approved by the management. Only the very last step is subject to review and confirmations are done pretty fast. In very rare circumstances will you need to wait for 2 working days.

  • Fill in your personal details on the website. You will need to upload a passport size photo, a copy of your driver’s license and a bank statement. You also will need to upload a proof of address as well.
  • The risk department will promptly authenticate provided details at earliest convenience and will get back to you in 48 hours.

Funding Account

Funding your account is a simple and straightforward process. Funding is mainly done from your card. You also can do a wire transfer from your bank to your Ezi-Pay account. Note that any transaction you do is recorded and will be factored in if you are looking to borrow some funds in advance later.

  • Add your credit card and ensure that it has available funds.


Depositing at the casino of choice shouldn’t be a tedious process. Ezi-Pay deposits are quick, easy to do and in most instances instant. Here, you will not need to scan the card every-time you are depositing. All you need is a verified Ezi-Pay account and be at casinos that accept Ezi-Pay deposits

  • Click on the Ezi-Pay icon at the casino
  • Add amount you want to deposit
  • Confirm payment by inputting your password


Ezi-Pay doesn’t allow you to withdraw funds to your account. This means that you will have to find an alternative payment method so that you can withdraw funds. Ezi-Pay is primarily a deposit only method that offers credit to you during the rainy days.

  • Select a separate withdrawal method
  • Confirm your withdrawal


Security for an e-payment website is crucial and remains one of the most central aspects. Ezi-Pay understands this perfectly well and is doing its best to ensure customer details are safe. The payments provider employs dedicated highly secured servers for all its services. Further, any transactions between the user and the website are encrypted using the latest methods to ensure that malicious middleman attacks are thwarted. The website also uses a highly secured SSL certificate to ensure that your details are always safe.


Ezi-Pay understands the need for an efficient and responsive customer care. From time to time, a customer might need some assistance either with a subscription, a cancelled payment or even a general inquiry. There is a form available at the “contact us” page that you can fill and wait for a reply. Also, you can call the support team if you have an urgent matter that needs some clarification.

  • Telephone: This is the fastest method to reach the support team. Choose support helpline on the website depending on your location. All phone numbers are available at the “contact us” page
  • Customer form: You can always fill in this form if you have any issues. Be sure to add a correct email address since it will be used to contact you.

VIP Program

Loyalty pays here at Ezi-Pay. If you have had a good transaction history with the casino, you will be added to the VIP program. You also will be issued with a new card with a higher credit limit. This means that you can spend more in accordance with the new limits.

  • The VIP program at Ezi-Pay casino doesn’t come with any levels.


Ezi-Pay is dedicated to providing card payment services and credit advances to users. The payment provider also ensures that all payments are secured and customer details remain secure. The company is registered in Australia and operates in several countries such as Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China. It supports payments in currencies from all the aforementioned countries and also provides support for users in each of the countries. There are presently a number of casinos that accept deposits from Ezi-Pay. You can check some of the best casinos that support Ezi-Pay in the list above.


Which online casinos accept Ezi-Pay?

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