Hardrockcasino.com Unveils First Ever Online Live Slot Machines

Hardrockcasino.com Unveils First Ever Online Live Slot Machines ( Click to Enlarge )

Gamblers and players who have concerns over gambling on the internet, being forced to physically go to the casino to get their betting fix are about to see a huge change to their world, as Hardrockcasino.com has announced a revolutionary new move of having live slot games on their online platform.

Live Portals Nothing New

Those who use online casinos will know that there is nothing new about live games being available to play.

There has been the option to play roulette and blackjack as if you are sat in the casino, while being in your home or on the move on your tablet or smartphone, for quite some time.

Never before, however, has there been the chance to play a live slot machine from the comfort of a home armchair, meaning Hardrockcasino.com is treading new ground in the casino world.

“Credibility and transparency have been paramount to seeing online gaming move forward,” Joe Lupo, president of the Hard Rock Casino was quoted as saying.”

The difference between seeing a computer image as opposed to the kind of machine that a customer has been playing for years, it may be easier to understand.”

How Will It Work?

The casino firm has teamed up with Israel based gaming provider Softweave Ltd for the new technology of live slots, a first-of-its-kind move anywhere in the world.

The casino in Atlantic City unveiled 12 machines that will be activated solely by those gamblers playing the game on the internet.

The slots are based in a second and strictly off-limits room on the second floor of the establishment, although a wall with peepholes allows those in the building to see the machines.

Cameras have been installed in front of the slots to allow those at home to see the machine in action.


Active gamblers in New Jersey, who have a valid and live account with Hardrockcasino.com, will be able to entertain themselves in this new technological stratosphere in the coming days.

Rather than computer images on a screen, they will now get access to real-life slot machines and all the bonus features that come with it. This is very much a groundbreaking move in the casino world.


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